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The Chimes of the Moon

The Sisters say that Elune sings a song, notes pure and beautiful.

The Chime does not ring often, but when it does it is the same note as the one She is singing.

So Elune "sing" and it sound like wind chimes. What else in the WoW universe sing pure and beautiful music that sound like wind chimes?
Does she? When?
02/26/2017 07:11 AMPosted by Eilanya
Does she? When?

There is a small shrine in Suramar, call the chime of the moon(which, is actually a big wind chime!) My post talks of its description. Just one more proof Elune is related to the Naaru.
Elune created the Naaru. Or so it is believed.
You're also grossly misreading that text. The chimes don't sound identical to Elune's song, they merely ring in the same note.
And besides, rumour has it that SHE(Elune) CREATED the Naaru. So if there is any relation between them, she would technically be their mother/goddess also :)

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