Immunity recruiting 8/10n 2/10h

Guild Recruitment
Immunity-Shandris is recruiting dedicated raiders to join our progression team. Paid transfers may be available for well qualified ranged dps.

We raid Tuesday/Wednesday at 8pm pst (highly recommended) and Friday/Saturday also 8pm pst (required).

We are a group of adults with busy lives outside of wow but we still make progression raiding work. We are currently the 4th most progressed on the horde side of our server and looking to move towards the top. We offer a guild bank fully stocked for proven players and ask only a donation in return. We have an average of 12 players online at most times which makes everything that much easier.

If you are interested in trying out look for Unstableatom-Shandris in game or add Natalie#1844 to bnet.

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