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Muradin and Nordrassil
Sooooo, I played Wow long ago and quit right after Cataclysm came out after my guild for the most part disbanded. I was once a Raid and Guild officer striving for realm firsts during WOTLK, but alas those times are over. I have come back finding WoW a very different place and am in need of some in game friends. I started back Horde, and in a guild of some of my RL friends but have found that no one, save for me, is ever online. I really want some fun and to laugh with WoW peoples like the good old days, and eventually, when the time feels right get back into raiding.

1. Times available & time zone: My availability is every other week, I work 7 days on, 7 days off. Central time zone

2. Server preference: Currently, I am on Nordrassil-Muradin; Not a specific preference but would like to stay here in case my friends ever decide to pop on

3. Faction preference: Meh, All my toons are Ally's save for my highest, 90 Tauren Druid, so no preference really

4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual-ish? Maybe transmute into the formers eventually?

5. Current progression/experience: HA. Not even sure. I got the Kingslayer achievement when it was newer. Have not raided since. But I have 3 years experience (2007-2010)

6. Recent logs (if available): I have a great personality, and, on occasion, can amuse some people

7. Contact info: Reply on here or my BT is: razordoll#1788

8. Anything else: If none of this else sounds appealing, I do enjoy helping other guild members, and I bake a mean molasses cookie. O'Doyle RULES!
Razordoll, we have an ally casual guild on Muradin-Nordrassil. There is no requirement to raid, but we have helpful players who can help if/when you decide to make that transition. We also host more casual events and have some members who hang out in discord just to chat and visit while running various things.

I'm usually on this char or you can reach out to anyone online in the guild and ask for an officer.

Good luck in finding your new guild home,

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