[H] <NMB> 10/10H Recruiting DPS & Heals


We are recruiting for Heroic & Mythic Nighthold progression and 2400+ xp RBGs. Need exceptional ranged DPS for our core PVE team, and all 2400+ xp players for RBGs.

Raid times are 7-10PM ST Thursday and Sunday - We are only doing the Thurs until we have numbers for Mythic.

We're not interested in salty players who get frustrated easily.

PST myself or Antigenic in game, alternatively, please drop your most recent log in this thread and we will contact you.
NMB = Need More Bads
02/10/2017 05:15 AMPosted by Saralonde
NMB = Need More Bads

Need more bads cause we're so good? Ye bro agreed xxx
bump - also need top pvpers
i remember the sweet old days when NMB's posts contained truckloads of salt and cried about how bad they were at pvp, rip
05/06/2015 01:55 AMPosted by Røbert
WBSH is indeed imitated by presumed 1550 players. Those imitators can't duplicate you guys though, because they have already bettered your failure of a guild, you're indeed the worst of the lot. <Smash Horde When Bored> > <WBSH>

NMB #1

We da kings

Bent for Warchief

Calm for President

Vastcore for Lich King

Astronium for Warlord

Rest of NMB can claim the Iron Throne when we own it



And WBSH can claim their position as our Janitors and labourers once we own the lands. NMB is a just and civilized association, equality for everyone, even the bads.
Best to clear things up - Bent was way before my time, but he's no longer apart of our guild... When I became GM the big egos were removed.

Inbox me ingame if interested, Please keep trolling from years ago out of this thread.
you guys interested in an undead des. lock?

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