MW Monk, AssasRogue, Aff Lock LF Sat/Sun team

Guild Recruitment
The three of us have been raiding together for the better part of a year, and we would prefer to stick together.

891 Equipped MW Monk. 54 Traits in MS weapon
897 Equipped Assassin Rogue 54 Traits in MS Weapon
893 Equipped Affliction Warlock. 54 Traits in MS Weapon.

Our guild's raid team recently disbanded, and so we are looking for new avenues to continue our raiding career.

The rogue and I are both 10/10H, and our Warlock is 7/10H because of a schedule change that prevented him from raiding through the week. The three of us are competent raiders, who each have experience in Mythic raiding during Warlords and Legion.

We would like to find a team that is 9/10H or 10/10H, preparing to progress into Mythic Nighthold. We are not flexible on raid times however, they must be Saturday/Sunday starting at 9:00 EST-ish.


Baggedmonk, Tenply, and Mastianth
Open to Horde or Alliance!
Still searching for the right fit!
Hello! Fuzzie Wuzzie Ponies is a friendly, fun, high-achieving mythic raid guild with the best damn name in the game . We raid for 7 hours a week on Sunday(6-10)/Monday(7-10)est and cleared 10/10N 10/10H 1/10M NH and 3/3H ToV 7/7M (Cutting Edge) in the Emerald Nightmare. We take pride in our calm, level-headed attitudes and efficient progression.

We're seeking dedicated raiders for core spots on our main raid team. Our most pressing needs are a few DPS of any flavor. If you don't play one of those classes, though, no worries! Reach out to us anyway - we're always on the lookout for good people.

Reach out to me (millatime#1564) if you have any questions about the guild. If you'd like to meet us, sign up for one of our casual Tuesday runs on OpenRaid ( If you want to apply to our mythic roster, submit an application on our website (
I have room for all three, if you're willing to give WW a try! ( we have two mistweavers already ) All three spots would be for core, not bench.

<Sovereign Imperium> - 12 year raiding guild (Kel'Thuzad - US)
7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 3/10M NH
Schedule: Wednesday, Saturday, and Sundays

Raid Times:
7:30 PM - 11 PM PST
8:30 PM - 12 AM MST ( server time )
9:30 PM - 1 AM CST
10:30 PM - 2 AM EST

<Sovereign Imperium> originated on Dragonmaw ( Alliance ) in February 2005 and is still operated under the same veterans that notably achieved the server's early vanilla raiding successes to maintain the same competitive edge ever since. If you want stability, you've come to the right place.

In May 2013, we moved to Kel'Thuzad due to the dying population of Dragonmaw to enhance our recruitment pool and overall realm-community atmosphere. We are looking for dedicated, efficient raiders who may or may not fill our profile of raiding: With the proper focus and dedication, we know that raiding only 3 days a week can be just as efficient as 5. We also re-visit content to farm mounts, achievements, and play other games like Diablo, Steam games, Overwatch, and League of Legends.
Exceptions are always made for exceptional players, however: we are currently pursuing recruitment for core DPS Spots!

What you can expect from us:

- Progression / Consistent Raid schedules. Hasn't changed in years.
- Accountability to one's performance and attendance. We work as a team.
- Flasks, feasts, pots, repairs covered. We aren't cheap.
- An active guild community outside of raiding.

What we expect from you:

- A drive to progress, and a 90% attendance rate.
- Ice Cream! and a sense of humor.
- People who can avoid hazards, and follow instructions.
- A respectable number output to your role. (fancy way of saying good logs)
- Maturity: Basic raiding experience outside of LFR: the more experience the better.

When we're not raiding, we do mythic+ groups and other sorts of things online. We're looking for core raiders, not a bench. Contact myself in-game for any further questions, applications, or in-game interviews. Seriously get back to me, i'm lonely... :(

Perkan (Perkan#1781)
Guild Master
<Sovereign Imperium>
Oh man! I wish you guys could raid during the week :( We start at 9pm EST, but during the week. If some of you are open to only raiding 1-2 of our 3 nights (Weds/Sun/Mon) or our wonky schedule might be a possibility for you guys, please feel free to add me at Elanya#1993. We're flexible!

Sneak a peek at our website to learn more in the meantime! ;)

Thanks guys,
Kusso is a Semi-Hardcore guild on Dalaran that raids 2 days a week.. Our goal is to Progress and have fun raiding in a low stress environment as we continue our mythic progression.

Currently - 1/10M Nighthold
7/7M Emerald Nightmare
3/3H Trial of Valor
Raid Times: Fri and Sat 8pm-11pm Eastern.

We expect what most raiding guilds want: watch strat videos, come prepared (pots/flasks/food), and a desire to progress.

Healer 1 - any one of the listed

DPS Wants - any good player not limited to the following.
Rogue - High
Hunter - High
Boomkin - High
Lock - High

Our guild site is
Baddmoo/bahhumbugg - Syfy#1592
Mush - stayfrosty#1224
Perkan! were added you on Btag, very exited to talk to you. Still exploring other avenues aswell!
02/23/2017 05:52 PMPosted by Tenply
Perkan! were added you on Btag, very exited to talk to you. Still exploring other avenues aswell!

Sounds good, i'm at work atm but i'll be on in a couple of hours =)

Looking forward to chatting!
Still searching for more opportunities and options!
Hi There!

We're trying to push our guild to true progression. We're bouncing between 2nd and 3rd place on our server for Alliance, and with a few more people we should be able to take 1st. Strong core team that is dependable and dedicated to success.

About Stigma

For the right fit - we may refund your server transfer.





Raid Progress:
3/7 Mythic EN
3/3 Heroic ToV
8/10 Heroic NH

Raid Times:
Open Raid: Tuesday/Wednesday – 7PM-9PM Server Time (PST)
Progression: Thursday/Sunday – 6PM-9PM Server Time (PST)

Contact Details:
BTag | Discord | Curse
Drap#11216 | Drap#6342 | DrapCurse
Hey guys, I won't be online until tomorrow's raid ( work, work, work )

Feel free to add my recruitment Officer: Despina#1512 so we can get some sort of a dialogue going =) We are still very much interested in the three of you!

Also free bump because we're nice like that and stuff

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