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Even after reading the title, I for some reason thought this post had something to do with certain class halls possibly having a mailbox, while others don't. >.<

WTB Mailbox for Rogue Class Hall.

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02/22/2017 11:06 AMPosted by Anacryss

there are way more leather players combined than mail wearers including hunters. 32% versus 18%

What is it just for max level 110 - not sure why you included 20 -110 since anything under 110 isn't revelant anyway.

Went through and changed it, ended up being about 331K leather wearers to about 188K Mail wears. interestingly, the population of both rogues and monks are about equal to hunters. Its when you start adding in the druids and demon hunters that it really skews the numbers to the leather side.
Back in my day...

No but seriously, just be happy you can trade gear.

Also hunters are ine of the most popular classes in game. Rogues and Monks are some of the least played. It all evens out.

On a side note. When i first read about Demon Hunters i just pictures them in mail gear. I dont know why they picked leather again for a new class.

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