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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Pit Crew was started Wed 11th Jan 2017. It was started by a group of raiders and officers from Ominous on alliance Saurfang who were looking for a different raiding environment. While the guild is brand new, we have members and officers with end game raiding and leading experience from every raid tier the game has had. Our first raid tier as a group in Pit Crew will be Nighthold.

Guiding principles -
1. Mature aged raiding guild. Generally, the people we're looking for are 25+ years old. We don't check ID's at the door, but most of us are 25+ and don't want to deal with angsty teenage garbage. This is a place for adults, to enjoy the company of other adults, and kill internet dragons together.

2. Attitude. While this ties in closely to maturity, it's something that's very important to us so I'll make a point of it. Having a guild with negative, aggressive or otherwise toxic members is a big drain on people. It makes people not want to log on, it makes us not enjoy the game and it's something we take seriously. How people, treat other people, is one of the most important things we're looking. I don't care how amazing a player someone is, they won't be invited if their attitude and the way they interact with people is not acceptable.

3. Mechanics first raiding. Bosses die when, as a group, we execute all the elements of the fight. Yes, dps can be one of those elements, but overall dps for a fight is generally a pretty poor gauge of a person's contributions towards trying to kill that boss. I want people to be the best they can be, and absolutely, part of that is being capable of doing good damage, but what's more important is where and when you're applying that dps. If you're someone who's main reason for playing this game is "winning the dps" then this isn't the guild for you.

4. Player skill and commitment. While I feel the other 3 points are more important when we're looking at new members, we are still a raiding guild, and how good players are at the game kind of matters. As a guild, we want to clear the mythic raid content as soon as we can. Part of that means bringing in the best possible 20man team we can for each new encounter we face. So while I'm happy for people to be in the guild that meet the first 3 requirements, if you want game time on progression content, you will need to be the best you can be. This will require you to do research on your class and the fights, and to practice your spec regularly.

So that's generally what we're about and what's most important to us at Pit Crew.

Raid times -

We raid Wed/Thurs/Sun 7:30 – 11pm server time. (Oceanic)

Loot -

For mythic content, we use EPGP. For flex mode content ( normal/heroic ) we us personal loot, and encourage people to sell/trade gear they don't need to each other.

Progression expectations -

Being a brand new guild and lacking numbers I expect it may take us some time to get there, but generally the level of progression we'd like to be working towards is in the 800-1500 world rank region.

Currently seeking -
Core Tank
Exceptional DPS

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact any of the officers below in-game.

Evov#1446- Raid Leader
Bume#5979 - GM
Half#1693 - Recruiting
Peermaafrost#2481 - Recruiting

Cheers Half
Looking for DPS
Bumping it up for 10/10 heroic
Many deeps, left side. Handle it.
DPS for mythics please!
888 Assassination Rogue (alliance), currently situated on GrizzlyHills-US but I am willing to transfer.

logs @ https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/21602713/latest/

10/10 n nh
5/10 h nh

I have added half to btag
Still looking for more DPS to fill out the roster!
What he said!^
Still need more DPS!
Hey guys, I just logged in for the first time since beta and joined Pit Crew. Was a shock to see Ominous disband...but it looks like all the solid players are here...looking forward to catching up with everyone and getting back into the swing of things.

Talk to you all soon. :-)
Straight to the top!
1/10M lfm DPS
still need more DPS for mythic progression
3/10M lfm DPS to fill roster
Still LFM DPS. Post to to the top!
up we go!
still looking for some DPS for mythic progression
Still need DPS!
still LFM dps

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