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I currently am playing a Fury Warrior 870lvl. But my old main was an 887 ele shaman. I am wanting to swap over to my Warrior as a main. I have 10/10N 5/10H NH, 7/7H 4/7M EN experience this expac. I also have a ww monk, vengance DH i would consider playing if needed by the guild.
Hello <The Trust> on Lightbringer is interested in you!
Raid times are Tues-Thurs 8:30pmPST-11:30pmPST
We are currently 7/7 Mythic and 1/3 Mythic ToV 3/10M NH
The guild will go strong into Nighthold for that 10/10 Mythic! Death to Guldan!!!
We also run keystones daily, we're a pretty active guild outside of raiding
The guild also has fun runs outside of raid times so we can just go in on alts and clear some content
Get back to me if you are interested or wish to talk more Joshua#1464
i also have parses for my warrior that shows 85 percentiles and up for my ilvl bracket.
02/24/2017 12:56 PMPosted by Vàlor
I currently am playing a Fury Warrior 870lvl. But my old main was an 887 ele shaman. I am wanting to swap over to my Warrior as a main. I have 10/10N 5/10H NH, 7/7H 4/7M EN experience this expac. I also have a ww monk, vengance DH i would consider playing if needed by the guild.
Hi if you are open to weekend raiding guild I love to talk to you further. We need a fury war in the group. Please check our guild ad, my brag is ipman#1451
<Organization Thirteen> 3/7M EN 3/3H ToV 8/10H NH Weekend raiding guild Fri Sat 9:30 pm-12:30 am server(PST) - Also optional Thursday alt run(currently N NH clears). Recruiting for our Mythic roster for Nighthold. We're in need of dedicated raiders looking for a permanent/ long term home. We are a bit more laid back with a focus on keeping the fun in raiding while also keeping it as efficient as possible, If interested add Fallen#12876 so we may speak. Happy hunting and good luck. *casual/standby raiders/M+ runner welcome*(we run M+ during the evening as well)

Current Openings!

Death Knight - Blood
Warrior - Prot
Shaman - Ele/ Resto
Druid - ALL SPECS!
Priest - ALL SPECS!
Paladin - Holy/ Prot
Monk - MW
Demon Hunter - Havoc
Warlock - ALL SPECS!
Hunter - BM/MM
Mage - Arcane/Frost
Rogue - closed

Loot Policy: RC Lootcouncil

Attendance Policy: Any excessive absence of our raid may result in you being bench and or replaced. I understand things happens, Life > WoW, ETC. Communicate with your leads to avoid termination from the guild.

Raid Policy: What I expect is for you to show up 100% ready, studied and capable of playing your class at an optimal level. Be open to criticism, listen and learn from each wipe.

Guild Policy: Actively stay optimal with your Main, come to raid/ mythic + dungeons/ rated PvP etc. knowing what you're doing and/or be ready to learn. Remember we're all here to have a good time.

Add Fallen#12876 if interested :]
Hi There!

We're trying to push our guild to true progression. We're bouncing between 2nd and 3rd place on our server for Alliance, and with a few more people we should be able to take 1st. Strong core team that is dependable and dedicated to success.

Our tanks wouldn't mind swapping to DPS if you're interested in tanking, but we could use any DPS specs to join.

About Stigma

For the right fit - we may fund your server transfer.





Raid Progress:
3/7 Mythic EN
3/3 Heroic ToV
8/10 Heroic NH

Raid Times:
Open Raid: Tuesday/Wednesday – 7PM-9PM Server Time (PST)
Progression: Thursday/Sunday – 6PM-9PM Server Time (PST)

Contact Details:
BTag | Discord | Curse
Drap#11216 | Drap#6342 | DrapCurse

We are looking for a WW monk to fill out our raid team. Raid times are Tuesday-Thursday 10:15pm – 1:15 am CST. I will link our recruitment thread and contact information below.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Bel#1747 or Chocolateone#1549.
Recruitment Thread

Good Luck in your Search.
My guild is currently 9/10 heroic. We are looking for DPS/Heals to finish out our Core. We raid Thursday-Friday 8cst to 10 CST Thursday and 11CST Friday. Message me gravic#11479 if you are interested.
Hi there. Mooncloaks-Azgalor is currently 7/10 H and looking to add some more core members to our progression group. We are in need of a warrior, and our raid times are T/TH at 7 pm CST. If you're interested please send me a message on bnet (Bl1nk#1335).
Hello Valor, we have an opening for a Warrior/WW for our raiding core, if our times work for you, hit me up on Bnet for a chat.

Adaptatión on Bleeding Hollow (PvP) is a 7/7M EN - 3/3H ToV - 10/10H NH experienced leadership & core(9/10H on 2nd raid week) we are comprised of Determined & Driven raiders to push content without the massive time commitment, many of us have been raiding since the early days of Vanilla. We are preparing for Nighthold Mythic as our main goal, we are 16 strong raiders and looking for 7 more for an optimal Raid Core (+3-4 Extra for raid balance/backup purposes)

At this time we also consider "Package Deals" (If they fit our needs) if they are ALL EXCEPTIONAL raiders.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7-10pm EST (server time).

---Currently Seeking---

The Listing below is not limited to those class/specs only, we have a general idea of the raid composition we want and have room to adjust certain ratios Melee/Ranged

  • Paladin/Warrior/Guardian

  • Melee

  • Windwalker
  • Warrior (Prot OS)
  • Ret Paladin(Prot OS)

  • Ranged

  • Shadow Priest
  • Warlock

  • Healers
  • Hpal/Rdruid/Rsham

  • ---What we have to offer---

  • A Serious Raid Team without the massive time commitment of 4+ raids a week, we utilize the raid times to full extent in order to progress quickly.
  • We supply guild repairs for Raiders/Core Raiders (Trials are expected to come prepared for the duration of their Trial period) during progression as well, Flasks, Pots, Personal Foods, Augment Runes.
  • Enchants & Gems, as long as we have the supplies

  • ---What we expect of you---

  • Being On Time for raids (15 min early, logged in and on Discord)
  • Fully prepared for raids (Don't forget grabbing things like your seals or anything else you might require during raid time, watching the next fights in advance to have an idea of encounter mechanics)
  • Knowing your class in and out, being able to maximize your output for each specific encounter (Talent switching) being up to date with class changes and so forth.
  • Excellent raid awareness, being able to watch what is happening around you and what is coming up next to avoid unnecessary damage or loss of damage.
  • Being able to adjust quickly to changed circumstances that may arise during encounters.
  • Team Player, willingness to sub out for certain boss encounters for a better composition.
  • Raiding experience & a Stable Connection

  • For more information, feel free to contact one of us.
    Battle Tags
    Careme <Dcoy#1399>
    Aspendawn <Aspendawn#1674>
    Sharaxor <Hanzo#15810>
    Sargeras[A] Week-end Mythic raiding!

    About us
    Pledge of Insanity is a guild on Sargeras(Alliance). Our current progression is 7/7M, 3/3H, 10/10H, 2/10M and considering our light schedule, we expect everyone to come prepare and be on time. Our goal is to get Cutting Edge before each tier ends.

    Raid time

    Friday/Saturday 7h00 to 11h00 pm CST (Need to be online 15 before raid).

    Alt run : Sunday 8h00 CST

    *We do an optional normal run the first Tuesday of a tier release*

    website :
    btag : ainsworth#11901, totems#1763, KJL#1903 or mat#11420
    Hey Valor you should message me on discord.


    Here is our guild spam!

    Torment of Turalyon is looking for a few dps to join us!

    Raid Times

      Tues - 8 - 11pm EST (-5 GMT)
      Thurs - 8- 11pm EST (-5 GMT)
      Mon - 8-11pm EST (-5 GMT) Clean up night

    Class Needs




      Shadow Priest
      Ret Paladin
      WW Monk


      Don't really need any but will always consider new talent.

    We use Discord.

    If interested you can add me on btag zarx#1157 or find me on discord at as Zalev or Vlademer.

    GM - Vyndetta (BiggChris#11759)
    Co-GM - SacredFist (Bloodshield#1303)
    Recruiter - Zalev/Vlademer (zarx#1157)

    Feel free to contact any of us or find us on discord!
    Hey friend add met at Herc#1566 would love to chat!
    The Revolutionaries of Korgath have been together for 7+ years. We are currently recruiting dps and a full time healer. We only raid 2x each week (Tues & Thurs from 8-11pm cst) and are looking for players who can attend consistently. we are 8/10 heroic nighthold In-game, message Totemsbum or Dameliefde for more info. Add btag Bubbledin#1866 or ThatGrrl#1801 to chat xrealm
    Please get a hold of me ASAP please =] Think we will be a good fit for you.
    Alliance - Union - Uldum
    Late Team: 7/7 MYTHIC EN, 3/3 Heroic ToV and Currently 9/10 H NH

    Wed: 8pm-11pm PST
    Sun: 8pm-11pm PST
    Mon: 8pm-11pm PST

    Hello my name is Sin and I am the raid leader for Union's Second Raid Team also known as the Phoenix Raiders. We are currently recruiting exceptional Healers and DPS looking forward to pushing content and Mythic+ dungeons. With the onset of Nighthold fast approaching we are looking for fresh players join our ranks in our continued success in Mythic content. We are a varied group of raiders whom are dedicated to the team and having fun.
    Good morning Valor

    We are currently looking for 1 or 2 more healers and some dps to complete our mythic roster for NH. We raid twice a week, our current progression is 9/10 H (1% gul wipe).

    We also run +15's weekly for chest and AP.

    If you are interested send us a message!

    Applicant Discord Channel (24hr invite updated Feb 24th)
    Message us on battlenet @ Safewaylifer#1980, Lishyluu#1331, Gull#1509,
    Apply at
    Heya Valor (pardon the missing ASCII thing), if you're still looking Veteres Animas (Alliance-Zul'jin) is looking for DPS players. Sounds like you could be a great fit with our core group.

    We're a relatively casual raiding guild looking for a few solid peeps to bring up the numbers for our raid and to help keep the Mythic+ game strong. Veteres Animas is a mixed group of gamers who've been playing together across a variety of games and in many cases known each other for over ten years.

    We've finished up Emerald Nightmare Heroic, did ToV for the bumper sticker, 10/10 normie Nighthold and 3/10 heroic. We may not be crushing server firsts, but we're consistent, fun and don't tolerate negativity.


    Cheers, and good luck.
    Hey Valor, we're looking for a Fury Warrior to round out our melee core at the moment. Please add me and we'll talk :) Cheers!

    @DaftSpünk #1730
    My guild is need of a warrior right now, we would love a chance to chat with you. My guild spam is below for you to look over, along with the btags for the GM and myself. We would love to chat with you!

    Guild Name: Blood Ravens
    Realm: US-Hyjal
    Faction: Horde
    Raid days: Tues, Weds, with Thursday optional
    Raid Times: 6pm-9pm PST
    Progression: 7/7H emerald Nightmare. 3/3 Trial of Valor, 10/10 N and 8/10 H Nighthold
    Voice comms: Discord

    We are seeking all roles for our current and upcoming teams, Please PM Zeerek#1116 or Deliahshadow#1586 for more information
    <Panacea> Is a recently formed guild on the Whisperwind/Dentarg server. We are currently looking for more players to push through end game content. We are starting Nighthold this week.

    Who we are:

    We are an eager, close knit group. We are ready to hit the top tier content hard, but also enjoy ourselves while doing it. We have players with rich and deep backgrounds in raiding, dating back to the TBC era. But it's not all about raiding. It's also about being part of a guild that enjoys all aspects of the game. PvP, Legacy content, Mythics and Mythic+, trolling LFR, and the occasional running laps around Dalaran.

    What we expect:

    We expect you to be on time and prepared to pull the first mob. Prepared meaning Flasks, Food, Pots, Fully repaired and with having the necessary knowledge of the fights and your class in tow.

    We expect you to have a good attitude. Learning curve is important when a newly assembled guild moves into top tier content. Patience is highly valued for a night by night basis when pulling new bosses.

    We expect you to be a team player. Whether its in 5-mans or 30-mans. We expect you to execute your role, execute your mechanics, and keep the meter chasing to a minimum.

    We expect you to have fun in game. Its your $15 a month to play after all.

    When we raid

    Our Raid Schedule is as follows:
    Tuesday 7-10pm
    Thursday 7-10pm
    Saturday 7-10pm

    All times are Central Time.

    What we need:

    Ranged DPS- Mage, Ele Sham, Hunter, Shadow Priest
    Melee DPS- Enh Sham/Rog

    All exceptional Applicants will be considered.


    You may leave your battle tag below and one of us will contact you.

    For any questions, my battle tag is ChuckieRock#1814. Or you can contact myself(Dineyn) or the GM Alatra in game on the Whisperwind Server.

    Thank you for reading. Hope to hear from you all soon!

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