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I think professions overall being incredibly crappy this expansion has a bit to do with it, i have 8 xmute spec alchemists and none of them have been touched really lol

Even my main who has done a lot of content so far this expansion still doesn't have max professions, they're just terrible now and ive resigned myself to finishing them +5 points at a time when the DMF is in town.
Tell them it's a bonus drop that has a good legendary drop chance, that's what I did and they didn't hesitate. heh.
Flask price is dependent on supply and demand, and cost of underlying mats.

If people can't make the effort to do that optional boss for the alchemy quest, they weren't going to make the effort to make any meaningful amount of flasks anyway.
lets go! ill tank it.
Flask prices will drop again in 7.2 do to the fact we will have flying. The two annoying zones to herb farm will be much much easier to do. make a druid to 110 you have a class born to farm herbs with their flight form.
I've been in 3 groups where someone has asked to do that quest, and in all 3 instances we killed the boss. I know it's a very small sample size, but if we include the responses in this thread it works out to nearly 100% of groups being willing to do the quest. In my experience people will be happy to kill it, especially since it isn't even out of the way to get to. You may have a problem with one group and have to do it a second time, but I would be shocked if you were never able to finish the quests because every group tells you no.
02/27/2017 11:30 AMPosted by Shadowkiss
So blizz is saying that i have to belong to a guild to be an alchemist? No casual playing for a loner that is too busy to belong to a guild? So professions are for guild members only?

I think blizz really messed up the professions not made them better.

P.S. I have plenty of mats, no problem there.

Who said that?

You can use Group Finder, rather than LFD, and put a group together...full random strangers if you like...just for the purpose of finishing this quest. can ask guildmates/friends if you have them.

I guess you're "a loner who's too busy" to have friends too?

This "too busy" garbage is the worst excuse in the history of bad excuses. People need to stop using it.
I did mine this weekend without any trouble what so ever. I also did it on heroic instead of mythic, so it was a lot more convincing to do optional bosses.
02/27/2017 11:22 AMPosted by Shadowkiss
The reason why the alchemy flasks are so expensive is because dungeon groups keep skipping the boss that allows alchemists to complete their quest to learn how to make flasks.
The reason they are expensive is because the people charging that much can get away with it. 50x prolonged power pots were 1400g last night on the AH over here... That's 5 bloods of Sargares, and 50 vials you can buy from a vendor for a few gold. There is NO WAY that price is reasonable... I have actually had to swap professions to alchemy just so I can afford to keep raiding this expansion. RIP rare blacksmith plans.
Generally it helps to ask at the start of the run and not after you down Cordana.
I've done it twice, one on each side but I was tank. Whenever I get in Vault I ask right off the bat if anyone needs that boss.
I remember killing her once at the beginning of the xpac because everyone was interested enough. I even got a blood of sargeras so it was worth it for me.
but now-a-days.. good luck
i solod that boss on mythic 0. ur just bad.
The easy fix is to ask guildies to help or you know make your own group.

Random people in queue just want to do their daily, its not their fault its basically yours.
People do groups for this? I just went and solo'd the boss on my resto druid after the group cleared the dungeon.
02/27/2017 11:22 AMPosted by Shadowkiss
The reason why the alchemy flasks are so expensive is because dungeon groups keep skipping the boss that allows alchemists to complete their quest to learn how to make flasks.

I have tried several times to complete the Alchemy quest to kill Grimoira in the vault of wardens dungeon but all the groups just fly right through and skip this crucial boss.

You need a skaggldrynk potion to see the invisible lock (only one person needs to drink the potion and unlock the door to get to Grimoira). But I can't seem to get any of the groups to slow down to do that.

And this is why there is so little competition for flasks on the Auction House and the prices stay sky high.

I suppose unless you are an alchemist you would'nt even know that boss existed because until you drink the skaggldrynk potion you cant see the invisible lock on that door.

So if you happen to run that dungeon please help an alchemist out by simply slowing down for a bit and asking if they brought a skaggldrynk potion to kill Grimoira. It only needs to be run on normal to complete this quest.

Thanks for reading :)

I started alchemy late on my horde druid so I joined a normal group as tank. Did the dungeon, ran back and soloed the boss. So you could always do that if you cant get a group to kill the boss.
If only flasks were 2 hours for non-alchemists. It's this very reason why I am considering making my main one just for that extra hour; saves so much money.

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