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<GT> 5/9m located on Bleeding Hollow is currently looking to recruit most classes. Currently our roster is rather tight and therefor a high attendance rate is required. Our raid environment is laid back yet we know how to have fun in chat when the time is appropriate. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild and as such expect our raiders to be prepared on raid nights consisting of making sure your schedule is clear and you come to raid with the appropriate flasks/food and runes if needed, especially for progression.

Our raid times are as such:
Tuesday 10-1:00AM EST
Wednesday 10-1:00AM EST
Thursday 10-1:00AM EST

Invites generally go out 15 minutes before 10PM.

Current needs:
DPS - Most Classes

HIGH Priority:
Ret paladin
Death knight DPS
Havoc DH

Website: http://grouptherapy.guildlaunch.com/

AllApologies#11318 - Me
feel free to add us even if you don't think you qualify
Ready to trial new raiders this tuesday!
Spots open tonight
Updated, need a healer.
Hi, where the healers at
Still need heals!
If your class isn't listed but you believe yourself to be an exceptional player feel free to message us.
Apply at http://grouptherapy.guildlaunch.com/ or contact us!
fresh lockouts for everyone
spellblade dead 5/10m
could use some ranged dps and healers
got in some good botanist progression tonight
Join us in raids next week
where is everyone
need dudes

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