Fresh 110- A Few Q's on where to begin?

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Hey all! I recently came back to legion and hit 110 and was curious where to begin as there is a TON of content and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Additionally, I was curious what the best use of my order resources is as I know 7.1.5 introduced the AK catch up mechanic. Any input for this noob is appreciated. Thanks!
It really depends on how you want to approach the game. There is an "optimal powering" path and a "see the content roughly in order path"

General rules are get as much Artifact Knowledge as possible, do at least emissary quests each day as the chest has a great chance at legendary, and move the Suramar storyline along to see the story unfold.
At 110, do world daily quests and dungeons though the lfg que. later, do heroic dungeons. Finally, around iLvL 840 start running mythic dungeon and work your way up. It's super simple to get back into. Use resources on artifact knowledge.
The most efficient way to gear is to do world quests until you can run LFRs. Your goal is to get into Nighthold LFR ASAP.

On top of world quests, if you care to do it, random PvP dropped some very decent gear for my alt as well, even when I had a crappy ilevel. Your class order hall set can fill in some gaps, but don't spend too much on any of that.
Do Blood of Sargeras and Order hall Resource WQ's too, aside from gear ones. Bloods can be traded in for a BoA crate with 200 Order Hall resources.
Lets you get all the upgrades for your orderhall, all your artifact knowledge, and lets you (if you'd like, its really not a requirement in any way) send your 5 homies out on snack runs (for AP, Gold, follower equipment, and some Mythic-level dungeon quest items)

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