<Nap Time>6/9M [A] Warlock, Arms, DPS

Guild Recruitment
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<Nap Time> is an Alliance guild on Proudmoore that was formed back in WOTLK as a 10 man day time guild for people with lives and little time to commit to a set raid schedule. The core of the original guild is the same as it was back in WOTLK. We later moved to Wildstar and were one of the few that had 40 man kills. Now in Legion, we are looking to bolster our team to clear content on a 9 hour a week schedule and have some fun while we are at it.

Current Progress
9/10M NH, 6/9M Tomb

Raid Times
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8-11 Pacific ST
Wednesday - Alt/Normal/Heroic/Achievement run. Times are same as above.

Current State/Needs
Strong DPS that pull a minimum of 1m+ on single target bosses.
Strong goal-oriented mindset.
Selflessness in a team environment.
Mechanically aware.
Drive to min/max your character.

Class Needs
While we are always looking for great players, the following classes are top priority:

HEALS - Anything but resto shaman.
Ele Shaman
Sub Rogue
Arms warrior
Demon Hunter
DK - uh/frost

Medium-Low Priority
Everything else

If your class isn't listed here but you do well, send us a shout as we are always interested in great players.

Trial Period
Trials typically last 2-3 weeks depending on performance. We measure performance by the following priorities: Attendance > Survivability > Target Priority > Mechanics > DPS/HPS. During trial you will be subject to last on the list for loot.

Loot Method
We use loot council to determine who wins the item. We use RCLoot addon to help move along the process in a quicker manner.

Voice Communication
We currently use Discord for our VOIP needs and everyone is expected to be present in the channel and have a working mic ready to use if we need it. We do want communications to be from tanks/leaders as much as possible, but there are times where others need to be calling things out (Cds/mechanics).

Other Worlds
Nap Time has a lot of footing in many other gaming worlds including Blizzard titles as well as other MMO's and other popular Twitch titles.

We understand real life gets in the way with any schedule, however, we do expect players to have near perfect attendance (95%+). The raid provides flasks and feasts for the team, while you should have your gear gemmed and enchanted for every pull of every encounter. We provide a 5-10 minute break around the mid-point in the raid and expect players to not afk during trash to use the bathroom. Players should know what gear is an upgrade based upon provided stat weights via sims or other smart measures. Artifacts should be kept up to a reasonable level consistent with the rest of the raiding team. Players should be online 5 minutes before pulls go out. (7:55 or earlier).

Conclusion and Goals
The goals are to clear content before the next tier arrives and have fun while doing it. We are a semi-hardcore team that raids little hours compared to higher ranked guilds, but we believe we can still rank high with the correct mindsets, talent, and time efficiency.

Please add Tibiron#1768, Feral#11524, JayJay#1451 for more info or an interview.
Still looking for amazing talent.
Need that DPS.
High damage needed.
Need 3, maybe 4 really strong DPS to round out our team.
Working on Krosus, need strong single target DPS.
Do you have big deeps? want a core spot?

Please add Tibiron#1768, Feral#11524, JayJay#1451 for more info or an interview.
I'll be adding you to talk about joining. I believe 8pm pst is 6am my time (I'm a contractor in the middle east) So yall would be perfect!
Do you have big deeps? want a core spot?

Please add Tibiron#1768, Feral#11524, JayJay#1451 for more info or an interview.
Hi Sansie, we would like to hear from you as soon as possible!

Still need strong DPS.
Couple new recruits, could really use a strong resto druid and shadow priest.
Could really use ranged DPS, but any high single target will get a core spot.
Updated with current needs.
Had some amazing recruitment the past several weeks. Just need a couple more key players to have a solid team going into Tomb, and to finish off nighthold.
23% Star Augur.

Need some solid ranged players and one or two warriors to round out this team.

Need 2-3 more strong DPS for Eli/Dan and Tomb.
Need strong DPS.

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