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Sunday/Monday 10-1 AM EST

Elevator Speech: Competent group of players who are sick of attendance boss Recruiting all like minded individuals who do not need to be told that fire is bad and enjoy a friendly atmosphere of competition among its raiders. We came from a dead realm with a dozen loyal players and are looking to expand quickly to begin mythic raiding. Many of us have extensive end-game content and know how to parse well above the average player and strive to better ourselves if we aren't seeing that flashy yellow 95%+. If that's your mentality, contact Dizzy#1231 and lets strengthen this core group of friends.

About us: Many of us have grown together over the years and after taking long breaks and playing casually, we have come back together for one final push! Not just to clear relevant content in a reasonable time but to create a family of players that grows across all platforms so if or when we do hang it up, we will still have each other over other games.

-- With the help of Midwest Pickles, Brannigans Raiders has grown and is able to push mythic content.

Raiding etiquette: Although we are semi-casual, we expect that you are capable of attending both days for the full duration of the raid. Be on time with food,pots, flasks, repaired, updated addons and ready to pull when the clock strikes 10:01. Although those materials are provided, it is expected that you have those consumables/enchants for whatever the reason may come.

Loot: Loot council is used to the best of our abilities...At this stage, I'm sure most of us know what our BiS is

Current progression:
Emerald Nightmare: 4/7M
Trial Of Valor: 3/3H
Nighthold: 3/10M

Recruiting select classes and specs as we grow the core over the 20 required Mythic raiders.

- Warrior with a tank OS
- Monk
- Enhance Shaman
- Ret
- DK

Ranged DPS:
- Spriest
- Boomkin
- Hunter

- Holy Pally w/ Ret OS

Even if your class/spec isn't mentioned, fill free to contact me if you are capable of making the times/days and we may be able to make accommodations.

-- You may find yourself playing your OS depending on Comp. You don't need to be Godly but pull relatively decent numbers!
Dps and a holy pally!
We got to 2/10 mythic and we also need any dps not just melee! please come join and be our friends cause we love everyone!
Hi guys, we're 'average' now!
Looking for dps to maintain our 20+ roster. Come farm ez. Mythic bosses and progress on serious difficult Tich!
3/10 mythic decent pulls on tich down lets go boys
I'm interested in discussing if you're still looking for dps. Sent you a btag request.
Bumpster dumpster.

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