Guilds Disbanding....on Barthilas

So many guilds disbanding on barthilas,What's happening ? Recently to name a few chronophobia , chobaks+exception > react disband , deeps out for harambe , hordish house mafia and many other small mythic guilds.
HHM aren't disbanding?
Ascension will rise again 2K17
LF guild as we're disbanding :(
WBSH stronk
I am sorry,assumed hhm was disbanding after seeing some people bad oops
RIP Remnants trolololol
03/01/2017 02:09 AMPosted by Krixooks
WBSH stronk

Stronkest Alliance guild on Barthilas since Saralonde smashed some horde newbs outside X-roads in Barrens.
Tempo & Quality to add to the list

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