Additional people for <Prometheus> raid play

Eitrigg and Shu'halo
Hello fellow Shu'Halo and Eitrigg Denizens (and any other realm visitors frequenting our forums)

<Prometheus> Guild is looking for additional members to come join us in raid play.
we are currently 10/10N and progressing through heroic.

Our active raid play times are Friday and Saturday starting at 11pm realm time
and run for roughly 3 hours.

in particular at the moment we are looking for additional DPS for the raid group

If this seems like something that you would enjoy,
feel free to contact our members or myself
by in-game message or by in-game mail

hope to see you!
Hello, Me and a friend (he is a resto druid, and i am a Hpally, are looking for raid spots. We really dont want to have to change servers again. so if you have room for us let us know
Are you still looking for more raid members, or possible second group?
Hello there, terribly late of me, and terribly rude of me, my apologies.
I was away for the summer for a bit.
but we're always happy to have new friendly faces joining the party.

our raid nights are Friday and Saturday 11pm realm time for 3 hours.

if you're still interested feel free to reply here, I shall try to keep active on the forums again, or throw a message online/in-game letter to myself,
Druidlord, or Clove
I'd love to tryout for you guys, I work graveyard so this raid schedule is perfect. I'm a casual player atm, I've been in raid guilds in the past. I think I'd be a great fit for Prometheus.

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