[H] <Royal> Barthilas 2/9M

<Royal> (Barthilas - Horde)
Royal is a Sydney based guild that raids 3 nights per week, the guild was founded to cater for raiders with busy lives who want to raid and still get results whilst keeping up with current content.

Currently we are 9/9 heroic & 2/9 mythic

Monday 7:30pm to 10pm st
Thursday 7:30pm to 10pm st
Wednesday 7pm to 10pm st

Recruiting the following dps;
Shadow Priest
Requirements are 52+ AL & 900+ ilvl

For more information please contact
GM - Yennora#1179
RL - Banjo#12207
Still LF Ranged dps (Spriest, mage, lock, boomkin)
Locks, S priest, boomy, Rogues! We are looking for you =)
Still seeking a Rogue and Spriest for mythic prog
892 equip aff lock, only 7/10h exp, plenty of heroic/mythic raid experience in previous xpacs.
3/10 Trillax bites the dust.
Still looking for - Hunter, Spriest, Lock, Elemantal Sham, Rogue, WW Monk

For core spots, other exceptional classes will be considered
5/10M Still looking for DPS
8/10. Recruiting all raiders for ToS
1/9M recruiting all classes for Mythic ToS
Hey there! 905 Prot/Fury or 900 Boom/Guard coming back from a break in EN. Fastoresh#1500 if you want to talk.

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