Timewalking PSA.

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03/07/2017 03:31 PMPosted by Bëartron
I haven't been the vendor yet...definitely 5k for exalted with em?

yep, i had to buy about 100 of them, and they cost 50 badges each
03/07/2017 01:46 PMPosted by Metalwrath
I'm still familiarizing myself with some aspects of the game after coming back from a long hiatus...is 5,000 timewalking badges as many as it sounds like? I think I've legit done a single TW dungeon and can't remember how many tokens I got.

You get a bonus quest from the first and if you just the 5 dungeons per event its not quite 1000 badges per event. If the queue bag is up then its quite a bit more but that has not been up the last 2? timewalking events.
Thanks OP!

This is the best news I've got in a decade, and that includes the birth of my only child.

The commendations for rep are BOA so you can do the quest on multiple toons to get a quick 500 badges then funnel the rep to 1. Also the raft (toy) is available for a few hundred gold once you reach revered and it is superior to mount if you are looking to get across water quickly.

As stated, don't forget to hit up the faction vendors once you hit revered to buy the item that doubles rep gains for all chars on your account.

Also you can get that sweet SP helm and mounts, and tillers rep for you try hards (or table flippers).
Shaohao is also there. Kiss Yaungol farming goodbye.
I finally got Exalted with Shahao because of this, and got that Golden glowing mount, yay! Was quite a number but I already had the badges (Stuff getting the TW mounts, I have been farming off and on for this mount since Timeless opened), I was Revered so I already had enough.

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