[H]LFG N or H raiding, mythic dungeons

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
A good friend of mine and I are looking for a good adult guild that does casual raiding and mythic dungeons. We both have at least 3 characters that are all over 865 ilvl. Can raid during the week and weekends. My characters include 868 DH, 866 Resto or Balance Druid, 866 Hunter. My buddy has a 868 Rogue, Prot Warrior, and a Mage.

If you and your friend are still looking for a guild you can whisper any member of Legacy for an invite. If you'd like more info about our guild you can check out our guild website at http://uslegacy.enjin.com .
I msg'd you in-game. We're looking for some raiders interested in 2-day/week raiding with our guild, specifically DPS. Hit me up if you're still looking.

Btag: chaoswhite#1873

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