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Guild Recruitment
Contact me at Slyx#1862

About the Guild
<Special Treatment> Is a stable guild, on the Hyjal server. Most of us have been raiding together since the beginning of Cataclysm. The guild is active during most times of the day/week. There are a lot of M+ key runs, BGs, we hang out in discord. It's a great guild to call home. We have our Main Raid and recently made the decision to recruit for a 2nd team the Offnight Raid.

Offnight Raid Days/Times are 7:30-10:00p.m (PST)
Offnight Raid Progress 3/10H NH 10/10N NH
We are still clearning N Nighthold for trial runs and to finish up tier sets.

Main Raid Progress
Our main raid team is currently 7/7M EN, 1/3M ToV, and 1/10M NH (Mythic Anomaly at 23%)

We are looking for members who enjoy playing the game, strive to improve, and are dedicated. I am looking for players with raid awareness. Who show up to the raid properly gemmed, enchanted, with proper knowledge of the fights through video guides I post. DBM downloaded, and on discord, ready to raid. I need people with not only the ability to improve but the desire to do so. I would like to clear as many bosses as possible this tier on Heroic content with this group(if we get into Mythic then we get into it), and have a solid group to hit the ground running when 7.2 releases and Tomb Of Sargeras is out. We have a laid back raiding environment, but a semi-hardcore approach to progression. If this sounds like the right place for you I hope to hear from you.
If you are still looking and horde is an option we raid Sun/Mon/Tues 9:30pm to 12am EST.

We are a long standing guild (since 2008) very friendly/relaxed and team oriented. We enjoy killing bosses but enjoy spending the time with our friends in game as well! We work as a team to down current content.

We are currently 9/10H and working on filling in a few more gaps after losing some of our team. We also have 7/7M EN (with cutting edge) and 3/3H ToV completed. Been focused right now on building our team back up strong for future progression.

If you are like minded, friendly and looking for a stable long term home then we are definitely that place.

Please add Nox#1368 for a quick chat.
Best of luck with your search and happy raiding!
Aye mate, would love to talk with you about your toons! We raid on weekends (per your request) and are a tight knit bunch. Looks like you would be a great addition to an already solid roster. I'll be sure to add you and you can add me @DaftSpünk#1730. Cheers mate!
Hey man,
Re Lapse is a 2 night mythic guild in need of ranged DPS and would love to talk to you. Come check us out if you’re interested!

Here’s the important bits:

Raid Schedule:
    Friday: 6pm-10pm PST (9pm-1am EST)
    Saturday: 6pm-10pm PST (9pm-1am EST)

Nighthold Progression:
    4/10 Mythic

EN Progression:
    7/7 Mythic

ToV Progression:
    2/3 Mythic


WoW Progress:

Full Recruitment Post:

Btag for more info:

Hello <The Trust> on Lightbringer is interested in you!
Raid times are Tues-Thurs 8:30pmPST-11:30pmPST
We are currently 7/7 Mythic and 1/3 Mythic ToV 3/10M NH
The guild will go strong into Nighthold for that 10/10 Mythic! Death to Guldan!!!
We also run keystones daily, we're a pretty active guild outside of raiding
The guild also has fun runs outside of raid times so we can just go in on alts and clear some content
Get back to me if you are interested or wish to talk more Joshua#1464
Hey there,

Contingency Plan is an Alliance guild on Turalyon. We're currently 10/10H and are looking for the last few bodies needed to jump into Mythic content head-on. We raid Saturdays and Sundays 8:30p-11:30p EST. Additionally we like to run Mythic+ (from lower levels for AP/alts to 15s and beyond) and generally have members hanging out in Discord all days of the week even outside of raids or M+.
Our expectations from members are as follows:
-Be prepared
-Be punctual
-Be knowledgeable of your class and motivated to continue to improve
-Be a team player
-Be able to execute well while still coming to raid with a lighthearted attitude

Our current recruiting needs are listed below:
-Ranged DPS (High)
-Melee DPS (Low)
-Healer (Low - Priest/Druid/Shaman/Monk)
-Tank (Closed)

If interested, please reach out to Joms (Jomsy#1899), Giz (Blitz#1385), or Erolith (Zerlure#1410) to set up some time to talk
Most people play on both teams so Weekends are mostly 3/10 Mythic EXP we are looking for more to fill for our Weekdays too so let me know or check out the raids live on twitch!

Dream Team: 3/10MM

    Tuesday, 8:45 pm -12:30 am (CST)
    Wednesday, 8:45 pm -12:30 am (CST)
    Thursday, 8:45 pm -12:30 am (CST)

Team Awesome: 10/10HM

    Friday, 7:45 pm -12:00 am (CST)
    Saturday, 7:45 pm -12:00 am (CST)

About us:

Well we are a current content progression raiding Guild social and friendly to others, we have a sense of humor and like to send jokes back and forth, with that being said we are a mature Guild environment and have a lot of helpful people in the Guild with almost anything! We do look to make sure people wanna play this game and not have us play it for you! We have been around for a while and have the stability to offer you as a member!


We are looking for players to join our Guild! We are a "Semi-Hardcore" raiding Guild and raids would be our first focus. Hosting a large player base our Guild is active and groups are forming constantly for PvP, dungeons, achievements and everything in between all the time! The Guild is seeking players passionate about raiding, committed to a scheduled raid time and dedicated to being a part of a team. The trial process is performance based and an interview is highly recommended so we can go over any questions or concerns you might have.


  • Work together as a team.
  • Offer an experienced raid environment.
  • Help members to strengthen the Guild.
  • Do our part to improve individual performance.
  • Have fun!

What we offer:

  • Active Guild with lots to do on a server with a great economy!
  • Fair trial selection process!
  • Friendly and helpful players!
  • Repairs, potions and flasks for raiders!
  • Stability of a Guild that has been around since 2010!

Getting in:

If you are interested in joining Vile on Mal'Ganis feel free to add our B-Tag to get in contact with us at your convenience. Players on the server can always get in by speaking with anyone in the Guild to get in contact with an Officer or Guild Master any time. If you are interested in raiding and can make our raid times mention it and we can set up an interview!

[Guild Master]
  • katemoss#1362

[Raid Leader]
  • defm0nk#1900

Live Stream:

Hi Codi. Not sure if you're still looking but we'd definitely be happy with both toons as we do not have much plate DPS or an spriest with us currently (our old one swapped to an ele shammy awhile ago). Currently, we are H7/7, H2/3 and H3/10 (and H8/10 knowledge). Our raid days are Tues->Thurs. If you're interested in a long standing guild that has been around since the start, please read below.

Hello all. GM of NERVous Horde here. We are one of the oldest, active horde guilds on our server-Bloodhoof. Bloodhoof is an original launch server that even had its original server blade put up for auction. We've been around since 2004 and have been raiding since the MC days. We are looking for consistent and talented people to raid during Legion. Our tanks are pretty much set but we are open to DPS and limited heals (DPS with off spec healing is glorious). We have a great history on our server (including #1 progressed horde side guild in MOP) and have been nothing short of a respectful group of people for nearly 12 years. If you are looking for a solid group to raid with, and enjoy the game in the process, visit www.nerv-clan.com/games/wow/ or message me on Bloodhoof.

Thank you - NapalmDawn#1157
Progression: 7/7M | 2/3M | 4/10M
Raid Times: Monday and Wednesday 830pm-1230am(PST)
Apply Here: https://www.kingdom-gaming.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=15
Contact: Tengen#1626

Immediate Core Needs
Any 90%+ Parsing DPS

At Eternal Kingdom we offer a different kind of environment, we host many different raiding teams ranging in progression from Mythic to normal clearing teams. I'm the team lead for the Vanguard team which is currently 7/7M, 2/3M, and 4/10M. Vanguard is a hardcore progression team on a casual schedule. We only raid two days a week but have the same expectations as a hardcore raiding team. We are currently looking to fill core spots with solid and reliable raiders as we move through Nighthold.
Hello! Halcyon, Horde on Zul'jin, is currently looking for solid DPS! We have core spots open for both ranged and melee. Below is some brief info you can look over, and add us if you are interested in learning more!

7/7 M EN | 2/3 M ToV | 5/10 M NH
Tues/Thurs: 745-1130 EST
Sun: Optional Cleanup/Farm/Alt raid

Add Billybls#1641 | Zaerri#1764 | Colin#1978
Or visit http://www.halcyon-zj.com to apply!
Or check out our recruitment post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753245601
Looking for a guild? We'll take you in. We are 10/10 H and a laid back guild that likes to clear content. Looking for more DPS to push us to mythic content. We have a fun core group that likes to talk !@#$ and run m+ daily

We are Tethered on US Illidan, current 1/10m looking for more bodies to push into mythic. Both are viable options for our team.

We raid Saturday from 8-midnight est, and Sunday 7-11pm est.

We also do optional raids Friday 8-12 est as well, simply because its worth cleaning up old content because legendaries are a thing.

We have multiple competitive spots open.

If you wana chat either add either of us

Grinch#1383 GM
Fehter#1323 RL
Hi Fevere,

Something Shiny is a 2 night raid guild on Cenarius - Sat 8-11pm and Mon 7-10pm PST. We are 10/10H and starting work on mythic progression. We use mumble for voice comm, have a discord server for back up, and use RCLootCouncil for loot distribution. We are a laid back but focused group of individuals. We like to be silly and have fun yet progress at a decent pace. If interested, please hit me up at btag maliwali#1577. We're non poop sock!

Hey Codicier,

We're a 3 night a week (Mon-Wed) guild looking to do as much of the mythic raiding content as we can without stressing out too much over it. We're short a couple people at the moment and I think we might be a decent match. I'll leave the spam below if you're interested.

Who we are: <Sounds Complicated> on Malorne

Raid times: 8:30 - 11:30 PM PT (11:30PM – 2:30AM ET) Mon/Tues/Weds.

Our progress: 7/7M 3/3H 10/10H

What we’re looking for:
Tanks: No main tanks currently. Would like to have someone capable of playing tank for 3 tank strategies
Melee dps: Open to anything. Anything non warrior or rogue would be preferable. Tank OS would be nice if available but not required.
Ranged dps: Open to anything. No ele shamans currently on the roster.
Healers: Open to one of anything. No paladins or mistweaver on the healing team at the moment.

Guild site: http://scomplicated.net
Recruitment post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18706411664

Contact us at -
Jezuljin/Lethalstrike - Madkat#1923 (Guild Leader)
Curare/Trolfu/Trollzy - Daner#1441 (Raid Leader)
Keenzhal - Ryuseki#1201 (Officer)
We would love to chat if you are still looking for a home! With our team - we let our players choose what to play because a happy raider is a better raider! I think you would fit in great :)

Here is just our basics in case we work out and a link to our recruitment post to learn a little more about us!
+8-10 spots open!
+Casual Team - Normal/Heroic to relax and have fun!
+Flexible Schedule - Need a night off? Take it!
+We don't cut - we coach and get content down as a guild! Work together, not against your peers!
+Keep you and your friends together! Bring everyone with!
+Cross server trials and cross server raiders welcome! Take your time trialing, no rush process!

Exodus-Earthen Ring : 7/7H 3/3H 5/10H
Who We Are: http://exodus.er.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1992998
Our Roster: http://exodus.er.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2151828

2 Official Raid days with an optional 3rd farm day.
Raid times are as follows:
Wednesday 8:30-11:30pm EST (Optional)
Thursday 8:30-11:30pm EST
Monday 8:30-11:30pm EST
Note: 8:30-9:00 invites, 1st pull at 9:00

Hope to hear from you!
:+: Smushi :+:
Btag: Smushiz#1660
Discord: Smushez#4925 (Quickest Response)
Email: kaycadilla@hotmail.com
Thunder Bluff Sushi Bar is a guild made of a small group of friends who have been playing together for years.
Don't worry, we're not a clique-y group.
We're not fans of elitists or people looking to be carried. We just want some chill people who can keep their gear up to date and learn fights as we go.

Raid Times:
Friday – 7pm server (CST) Normal Nighthold (Full clear 7/7)
Saturday – 7pm server (CST) Heroic Nighthold (Currently 3/10)

Loot System: Personal Loot for all raids

Currently recruiting:
    • Melee DPS: Low
    • Ranged DPS: High
    • Tanks: Closed
    • Healers: Closed

We don't have any strict attendance requirements, though obviously if you're absent more than you attend, we need a body and might have to find people to fill your role. But with flex raiding being a thing, it's not that big of a deal.

We run Mythics and Mythic+ pretty regularly, though activity is definitely higher during the weekends since most of us work during the week.

Disclaimer: We have a pretty tight zero tolerance policy on sexism/racism/homophobia/being a !@##!**! in general. You'll be warned a time or two, but if it keeps up you'll quickly be gone.

Feel free to message me if you want to join or have any questions.

Discord: NerdEsq#0692
BNet: NerdEsq#1750
In game: Gimmemyname-Stormreaver
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NerdEsq
About <VIBE>:
<Vibe> is a mythic raiding guild located on Thrall (Horde, PVE). Our guild was formed at the end of Warlords of Draenor, and has since then founded a core group of raiders that has found some measure of success during our time together in Legion. Our ultimate goal is to obtain each Cutting Edge achievement while maintaining a positive, progression-oriented attitude.

Emerald Nightmare
7/7 Mythic EN
2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor
3/10 Mythic Nighthold

Recruitment Needs:
Demon Hunter
Windwalker Monk
BM/MM Hunter
Shadow Priest
*We are always recruiting exceptional DPS applicants of any class, so even if you don't see yours listed above don't be discouraged to apply!

Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 7:30pm - 10:30pm PST | 9:30pm - 12:30am CST | 10:30pm - 1:30am EST
Wednesday: 7:30pm - 10:30pm PST | 9:30pm - 12:30am CST | 10:30pm - 1:30am EST
Sunday: 7:30pm - 10:30pm PST | 9:30pm - 12:30am CST | 10:30pm - 1:30am EST

*While our times are pretty set in stone, we add on Thursday during the first week of new heroic content (same times as posted above) and like to pull as long as it takes to finish out any kills we're close missing, to ensure a full clear the first week. This is optional but strongly encouraged!

* 54 Traits in your Main Spec artifact weapon
* Must be able to maintain atleast a 90% attendance rate. This is very important.
* You are required to download all of the add-ons that are necessary to our raid.
* Must have a stable and reliable computer and internet connection.
* Must be able to communicate effectively over Discord. (Listening + Vocalizing).
* Must be able to transfer servers to begin your trial process with us on the next available Tuesday (unless otherwise discussed).

*Mythic experience is HIGHLY preferred. If you do not meet these requirements and still feel like you are qualified, please fill out an application!*

Trial Process
Our trial process begins when you show up for your first raid as a member of the guild. The process lasts for TWO weeks, where you will be expected to maintain 100% attendance. Your logs will be reviewed, and you will be updated continuously throughout the process of things you are doing well on, as well as things that we feel you need to improve on. Your skill is not the only thing that we look at, we make sure that you fit well as a personality in our guild and that you mesh well with the current raid roster. We are here to help you improve us, as well as to help you improve yourself!

Off Nights
Outside of our three main raid nights, there are typically two other major events that happen weekly within the guild (These begin at the same time as normal raid hours):
Sale Nights:
This is typically held on every Thursday night, where we clear Heroic Nighthold to help our raiders provide for their extra raiding materials. These are offered explicitly for in-game gold, and a majority of the share will go to you individually. Occasionally we withhold a share for the Guild Bank to help provide for gems, enchants, food, and cauldrons.
Alt Raids
Alt raids occur every Monday night, and are a starting process to prepare alts to eventually bring ourselves to do Split Runs for new challenging content. You are required to have a certain Item Level, and a set amount of traits in your weapon to help smooth the raid along. Often times there will be main raiders there to help, so the requirements aren't very strict.

*Both of these runs are completely OPTIONAL, but are offered and set up to help the guild as a whole*

You can fill out an application at any time here: Vibeguild.com

Contact Information (Recruitment/Guild Related information):
Riley#1181 (Guild Master)
Surgent#1161 (Officer)
Dominus#1421 (Officer)
Meddle#1333 (Officer)
Greetings Codicier,

Forgotten Aspects was originally formed in the World of Warcraft beta. Upon the ending of the beta, the guild was formed on the Hyjal server November 23rd, 2004. We are comprised of both old and new members as we continue to grow and progress through the raid content.

We are currently(10/10 H) 3/10 M Nighthold 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare 2/3 M Trial of Valor . We are looking to add a core Shadow Priest or Warrior.

We raid 3 days a week. Tue - Thurs 6:30 - 10:30PM PST (9:30PM - 1:30AM EST)

I would like to chat with you about our guild. Battle tags used to reach Forgotten Aspects is Naeblis#1734 and we can fill you in more on us.

To apply, visit our website at www.forgottenaspects.com, click **APPLY HERE** in the website navigation bar, and read/follow the provided instructions.

Our goal, like many others, is to progress and experience the available raid content while it is current. We understand progression raiding can be stressful at times so we focus on building a fun and friendly environment. Ideally, we would like to find a candidate that fits the atmosphere of the team in both personality and skill.

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