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Antonidas and Uldum
6/10H NH Current

Currently need 1 Dps, either a Frost DK, or a Fury Warrior. We have a dedicated Raid Team which raids from 8:00-11:00PM Server Time Tuesday/Thurs (form-up at 7:45).

Perfect balance between Fun and Serious Guild. We don't believe in the Rotating Door style of guild management. When we let someone into the guild, our anticipation, and goal, is to have that person with the guild for the long term. In our time as a Guild, we have maintained a very low turnover rate; something we are very proud of. We believe in Loyalty to each other, and loyalty to the guild. It's one of our prime tenets and something we have built the guild around. Despite this, we have a 0 drama policy and will not tolerate anyone purposely starting drama or projecting attitude into the guild, or towards its members.

For those seeking to join, we also require a patient mindset. Some times we may not one-shot a boss. Sometimes we may be on a boss for a week or two worth of progression. The most important thing during events like this is keeping cool, focusing on what you can do better, and working towards killing it. This is how the leadership is expected to behave, and how we expect each person to behave to the best of their ability.

We are 4 months founded, with an entirely new group from a multitude of servers. From that fractured start, and with a substantial handicap, we moved through EN at a good pace, ToV at a good pace, and have solidified ourselves as a solid guild with very low turnover or loss of membership.

We run personal loot, along with an SK list for tradable piece of gear. Everyone starts at the bottom, and works their way up. Any time a tradable piece of gear is competed for, the winner moves to the bottom of the list. The list moves pretty quickly.

TRIAL- Expect to earn your way and prove your skill. No GB repairs or Benefits. Enter in at the bottom of the SK list (As everyone has). Must be online, and ready for summons at 7:45 PST.
SOCIAL GUILDIES- Officially patched in. Entitles you to attend any non-progression night of raiding you meet the qualifications for. If you are at this rank, you may request trial to Prog Raider, but must meet the requirements for said role. Slight GB Benefits.
PROG. RAIDER- You have made 90% of all raid's on time and come prepared. You have earned your stripes and have earned a full time Raid spot through meeting our DPS + attendance requirements. Full GB benefit including Repairs.

Are you one of our Horde brothers from a green mother? Feel free to add one of the battle tags down below and we can link you some of our progression videos for you to get a feel for how we raid, and how the leadership behaves.


- Founded last week of October.
- Cleared up to Heroic EN & HToV pre-NH launch.
- Cleared up to 6/10 HNH As of today (3/4/17)


GM - Stormblind#1485 or Alt-contact - KnightZeke#1804
Or message any member of Amnesty, who will put an officer in contact with you.
Only need 3 dps now, and also up to 8/10 :)
Down to needing a Frost DK or Fury Warrior. Huzzah!
Welp, up to 2/10. Willing to talk to reasonable candidates.
Updated for the first time in a long time. Looking for a shaman or a hunter who knows their stuff.

4/9m now as well ;)

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