Soul Requiem is Recruiting Raiders and...

Wyrmrest Accord
Soul Requiem is recruiting for casual tomfoolery!

All classes and levels are welcome, but we are specifically looking for a couple ranged dps for our raid group as well.

SOCIAL- We are a very social group and love to just hang out and joke around with each other. We like hanging together IN game and OUT and have been known to host Cards Against Humanity games as well as Scrabble tournaments.

RP-We are slowly building up the guild RP group! We would love more members to attend events. We also have an RP thread for "Requiem Keep" in our Discord.

PVE-We frequently run dungeons, mythics, and mythic pluses with each other! The more the merrier. We have mythic farming nights to farm enchant mats and to also make it possible to bring along guildies who might still need gear from them.

RAID -We are 10/10 normal Nighthold and 1/10 heroic as of this posting.

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday night from 6pm server to 9pm server. Once you are given a place on the team attendance is required, however life happens and family comes first! All we ask is that you give us advance notice so we can replace you, and please do not make it a habit. Spots are reserved for members who have good attendance.

We are currently looking for a couple cloth wearing dps to round out our 16 person group. Please have ilvl 875 or better, be dedicated to being here every raid night on time and HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR!

Feel free to whisper us with any questions or a request to join the guild!

Guildleader - Faiewinde
Officers - Druemont, Yedrac, Nemichi
DPS Raid lead - Zenzeal (for specific raid questions)


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