<Pit Crew> 5/9M LF Healz and DPS

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Pit Crew> (Alliance Saurfang) 10/10M NH 5/9M ToS is a mythic progression guild focused on mechanics and a positive raid environment. Formed at the beginning of Nighthold raid release we built a new team around 8 former core raiders from Ominous. We are mainly a mature aged guild and don't tolerate immature childish behavior.

Even though we didn't have 20 raiders to begin mythic NH until 4 weeks after Nighthold release, we still managed to clear the tier prior to ToS opening.

We are 100% mechanics first guild, dps is a distant second, dead raiders do no dps.

We use personal loot for Heroic and Normal clears, EPGP for Myth content.

We are currently seeking the following:

Strong dps, any class

Ele Sham

Healer with dps OS:

Raid times are:
Weds, Thurs, Sun 7:30-11pm Server time (GMT+10)

We would love to have you on the team. If you are interested please add scream4me#6307 for a chat or post below.
Still LF Exceptional RDPS
LFM exceptional DPS
Come join us!
The search continues
Bot down last night and close on Star as well, get on board
4% on auger b4 troll server shutdown by blizz
Auger down tonight
the search for dps continues
Added you for a chat. If that btag is you
9/10, where the ranged dps at
bump for ranged deeps
dead Gul'dan, come join us for Tomb
Recruiting for ToS prog
Still recruiting All dps classes
2/9 myth down in first week
Full H clear and 2/9M in 1 night, moving onto Demonic tonight
3/9M, need more dps for sisters myth
recruiting for ToS Myth
Sisters down. LF more dps

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