WTS Heroic Nighthold ML, Mythic+, Kara

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Updated 5/17/17

<Lethal> is starting sales once again!
We are currently selling Normal and Heroic Nighthold runs and Mythic+ 15 runs!

Horde side only.
Raid runs are only conducted on: Thursdays at 7 PM CST/8 PM EST.

10/10 Heroic Nighthold
Master Loot - 500k
    Master Loot includes: all gear for your current spec (EXCLUDING only titanforged gear if a raider needs it) heroic achieves, chance at gul'dan mount (personal drop), and the ability to bonus roll.
    If multiple carriers need a neutral gear piece (neck, rings, or cloak), you will roll off. We try to not book runs where trinkets will be shared, but that may be a possibility and you will roll off with the carry that needs it as well.

Mythic+ 10 Run
- Add 20k to each level that'd you like to run. For example if you'd like a 15 done, it would be 250k total.
    Mythic+ 10 currently offers the highest item level piece out of your weekly Mythic+ chest. You also get any loot that comes out of the chest at the end of the run, plus anything the carriers don't need and can trade. If you decide to buy a Mythic+ 15, you will earn the achievement "Keystone Master." Going up in Mythic+ levels will also grant you a substantial amount of AP out of your weekly chest.

*We will schedule a time convenient for you and our carriers.


Nightbane Mount Run
    You will receive the Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount. If you'd like us to finish the rest of Kara for you, add 25k.

*We will schedule a time convenient for you and our carriers.

- - - -

We deal with GOLD ONLY. All communication is done through Battle.net/whispers.
Prices are subject to change.

A 20% deposit is required when you schedule your run. You must pay the rest before the start of the run.

If you're interested in a run please add Amanda (#) 1257 or send an in-game mail/whisper to "Amanda" on Thunderhorn. Serious buyers only.
Spots open for next Friday for heroic NH ML!

Also added Nightbane carries.
Do you offer a "good guy" discount?
Just did a quick and easy Nightbane Mount Run with these guys. I can't say enough good things about Lethal. Awesome group of people!
Updated information and prices.

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