[A] <Sad Panda> 1/10M LF DPS/Heals

Dawnbringer and Madoran
Website: http://sadpandaforum.com
Contacts: Bonepick
RealID/Battletag: Udonnoodle#1212
Recruitment Discord: https://discord.gg/AeHrnP5

About Us:
Sad Panda has been an established guild on the Madoran server since 2007. We are currently a 18-20 man guild (Doing Normals and Heroics with intentions to hit Mythic) with a modest raid schedule. We have Progressed through content in every expansion and have been a tight knit guild over the many years of existence. We have kept a decent pace with content but are limited on our 2 night a week schedule so we are Serious but yet laid back.

Raid Times (all raids are server time) Central
- Invites go out: 6:45pm
- Tuesday And Thursday 7-10pm
- Optional Sunday Raid night

Loot System

Currently Recruiting:

- Looking for any dps, especially a Mage/Boomkin, as well a healer.

What we expect from you as a player:
- Seeing we only raid 2 nights a week we expect 100% attendance
- Discord with a working Microphone.
- Knowledge of your class and spec.
- having a good knowledge of fights we are currently working on for progression.
- And most important to follow instructions, Mistakes happen, we understand, but don't let them happen twice.

Extra Info:
- Flasks, Repairs, Food Buffs are Provided, we do EP turn ins.
- Forum Provides all info needed for call outs, turn ins, rules, strats, EPGP system etc.

Website: http://sadpandaforum.com
If you are interested in raiding Normal-Heroic-Mythic content. Contact Bonepick on realid.
Bump, still need that warlock!
still need that lock for your raids?
Still looking for prime dps and a solid healer!

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