DPS NEEDED!10/10 H, 1/10 M - 2 Night - M Prog

Btag: Coltcabana#1209

<Vacuity> 4/7 M, 3/3 H, 10/10 H NH, 1/10 M Mon/Wed Night @ 8 PM ST, recruiting strong DPS of any class and role to strengthen up our core 20 man team as we start to progress into deeper Mythic NH. If you're currently looking for a guild, give me a message, almost certain you wont be disappointed in a chat with me!

Hey all, we're currently recruiting any skilled DPS to help bolster our raiding team as we head into deeper Mythic content. We currently have a roster of roughly 22 active raid members and wanting YOU to join us and make the cut for our 20 man team.

45+ Traits and at least an 885 item level is a must! Logs is a definite bonus. We're looking to IMPROVE our current 20 man team, so some experience and willingness/ability to learn goes a long way.

Our guild has a fantastic, progression minded attitude towards raiding. Progressing very swiftly for our 2 Raid Night Schedule of Mondays and Wednesdays at 8 PM Server Time. Our atmosphere and environment has been commented on and praised on numerous occasions by pugs and new members alike, with a majority of our members joining for the atmosphere alone.

With next to constant successful mythic + runs, youll be unlucky to log on and not find a group going on somewhere in the guild. We have set high mythic + runs a few nights a week with capable guild tanks/healers here to help boost your keys and get that 15+. GUARANTEED WEEKLY 15+ RUNS.

For more information on times, raids, what we're looking for and what we can do for you! Message me in game at Bewm-Barthilas, or, preferably; @ Coltcabana#1209
All our plate gear is getting D/E'd so plate wearers are desperately wanted! Happy to funnel that gear into you.
I'll looking around atm for raid times around 8svt, any chance you would consider someone who isn't after mythic raiding but heroic on the side if you do heroic still?
Absolutely Gression, hit up my btag man. Ill have a chat with ya
1/10 Mythic
894 DH (havoc)
890 war (fury) 896 (prot) lf fun social mature guild to raid with
10/10h aotc exp, 1/10m

I'll whisper for more information when I get home from work.
Looking for more friendly people for mythic + when we aren't raiding! =D
Still also looking for peeps who are just keen for mythic + most of us get bored during the week and like to push keys

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