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Guild Recruitment
Phoenix Raiders (late night team for Union guild, Uldum) 7/7 M EN, 3/3 H TOV, 1/10 M NH

We are looking for some mythic ready raiders to fill our ranks. We will consider any class/spec if we are shown that you have exceptional skill.

Raid Start - 8:00pm - 11:00pm PST
Raid Days – Wednesday, Sunday and Monday (3 days)
Faction - Alliance
Server – Uldum/Antonidas

About us:
Phoenix Raiders formed a few months after Emerald Nightmare release on the ashes of Tusken Raiders team (we were 7/7 Mythic EN). We had since gone through a rebuild to see steady progress through raid content, and are looking for a few more dedicated raiders to push us further. The raid team has a strong officer core, which allows us to be a bit more relaxed than your average raid guild. Also, few of us have been raiding together for some time, which gives us a close-knit and social team as well. Overall, we offer a unique and mature environment, all the while being focused on progression through content.

Achieving raiding success in World of Warcraft depends entirely on a tight-knit raiding guild that believes in quality over quantity. We believe in killing bosses pre-nerf, because the encounters are meant to be difficult, and difficult bosses are more fun. We feel that a tight group of highly-aware raiders can achieve the same progression in 9 hours of raid time that most other guilds achieve in 30 hours of raid time. Efficiency is important; coming prepared to raid and using time effectively means we can accomplish more. Keeping our roster streamlined is important to us (25-30 top performers) because we strive to keep an ideal raid composition that is flexible to the encounters we are attempting.

A general description of a raider for Phoenix Raiders:
1. Friendly
2. Adult
3. Likes to raid for the challenge not the loot (i.e.: enjoys wipe nights)
4. Hardcore mentality with a casual schedule
5. Similar skill and research effort , we use logs to improve our performance
6. The desire to try new non-video-cookie-cutter strats
7. Has preferably raided seriously in the past

If you desire to conquer hard-mode content while being surrounded by a great group of people please contact Ninox (Ninox#1486) or Sintharos (Sinalthor#1324).
For Azeroth
Death to the Legion
You are not prepared
Light be with you
Nature is restless
Light bless you
Knowledge is power
Lok'tar Ogar!
Our enemies will fall
The dark times will pass
We will persevere
need more dwarf females plz
plz all the dwarves
Definitely need more gnomes
Still no mage biscuits in raid
Looking for a tank to join your ranks
We are looking for all people right now please add Ninox or Myself(Wustoff#1897) on btag to talk
Death to all who oppose us
1/10 M hype!!!!!! Come progress with us!

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