[A] 3/10M Fri/Sat Night LFM

Guild Recruitment

We are a late night raiding guild who knows how not to stand in fire (most of the time). However, when we don't, we get rank 1 parses for floor tanking! Just check Warcraft Logs. Dark Renders Edge is currently recruiting committed and progression driven individuals to finish our 25-man roster for the rest of Mythic Nighthold and then eventually Tomb of Sargeras. We have previously completed 4/7M EN, 3/3H ToV, and are currently 3/10M NH.

About Us
If you are not just looking for another guild, but a guild with personality, Dark Renders Edge is the guild for you. We are a casual raiding guild that likes to get stuff done and have fun while doing it. We prefer to have our raiders present at all raids, but we understand life happens.
Outside of raiding, we enjoy running Mythic+ dungeons and playing Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch together.

Fri/Sat 8:30pm-11:30pm PST


    *Holy Paladin
    *Resto Shaman

    *Ret Paladin
    *Unholy or Frost Death Knight
    *WW Monk

(Functioning off spec is a bonus)

Don't see your class/spec?
Contact us anyway! All exceptional raiders will be considered.

Please list all information below, contact Kará-azjolnerub (alt code 0225), Legohunter-azjolnerub in game, add Squishyface#1849, or Lego#11581

We look forward to talking with you! :)
-Do I need to provide my own food/flasks?
    No, guild provides food, pots, and flasks to raiders on raid nights.
Still looking for people!
Still Searching! :D
Need bodies!

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