G15 keyboard macro issue

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I know people are probably tired of hearing about programmable keys and such. My apologies in advance.

I went to the UI & Macro forums looking for help with an issue I'm having with simple macros using my G15. By simple I mean like, </cast Dalaran Hearthstone> simple. I got stonewalled there, by insistence that this is "hardware automation" and grounds for being banned.


As I understand the rules, I can create the macro via the in-game interface, thus I may create a one-key-one-command hardware macro to do the same thing. Am I wrong here?
I'd suggest making the macro in-game and then simply binding it to the G-key on the keyboard that you want to use.
If you can make the macro in-game, should be no problem as a short-cut or button.

Basic rule of thumb, one action - and it needs to be a macro that can be created by anyone.
Thank you!

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