PAPAL FEZ for sale. 1 of the rarest items.

Dawnbringer and Madoran
PAPAL FEZ FOR SALE. Extremely rare. On Dawnbringer Horde, (linked with Madoran), but willing to transfer/reduce cost for you to transfer to get it, if I find a buyer. Asking gold cap (10 million), decently negotiable. Realize just how rare this transmog is before yelling at me. Again, I am negotiable. Also, check my auction house for other items I have for sale under the character, Tenderbolt. I regularly post thousands of old transmog items, current gear, mats, etc.

Send me a mail on my realm if you are interested. Tenderizer-Dawnbringer

Can't figure out how to link the item in here, so here is the WoWHead page.
There are 3 on moonguard right now. They cost more around 2 million
Well you did necro a post from last year
That's a nice looking hat. Necroing.........

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