[H] <Subpar> | 3/9M ToS | LFM

<Subpar> is focused on relaxed but strong mythic progression on Barthilas. We are wanting to strengthen our roster by recruiting dedicated raiders.

Current Progression
7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 8/10M NH, 9/9H + 3/9M ToS

Tanks >

Melee DPS >
Monk and Rogue.

Ranged DPS >
High priority on Mage.

Healers >
Searching for any fantastic healer.

Raiding Times (AEST)
Wednesday/Sunday/Monday 6:30-9:30PM (7:30-10:30PM AEDT)

Guild Expectations
* Raiders are expected to show up on time to each raid prepared with correct gear, talents and consumables, or to inform an officer that they will be late/unable to attend ahead of time.
* We expect a high attendance rate, but we also realise real life comes first.
* Though we promote a relaxed raiding environment, we expect everyone to know when it is time to focus on progression.
* Regardless of position, we expect everyone to perform optimally.

Shiftere#1919 (GM/Ranged)
luxity#1261 (Healing/Recruitment)
Zakain#1106 (Recruitment)

If you feel you would fit into our guild please do not hesitate to contact an officer. Even if your class isn't listed above we will consider all exceptional applications. Do note that you will be judged based on your merits. We will go through logs to get a general idea of where you are at performance wise, but please don't be intimated by this request if you feel your logs aren't great, or you don't have any to provide. We can arrange a Heroic trial!

Alternatively, you can submit an application here:
searching for a resto shaman and dps (boomy, bm/mm hunter, ele shaman, demon hunter and death knight) to join our core roster.
hello, we still want rdps (druid, hunter and shaman) and mdps (death knight and demon hunter).
still searching for dps!

ranged: druid, hunter and shaman

melee: death knight and demon hunter
recruiting dps -

melee: death knight, demon hunter and shaman
ranged: druid, hunter, shaman and warlock
recruiting -

melee: death knight, demon hunter, shaman and warrior
ranged: druid, hunter, priest and shaman
healers: shaman or paladin
still searching for the following to fill our core roster:

frost death knight
havoc demon hunter
enhancement shaman
fury warrior
balance druid
mark/beast hunter
elemental shaman
shadow priest
restoration shaman
recruiting dps for our core roster:

death knight, demon hunter, shaman and warrior for melee!

druid, hunter, priest and warlock for ranged!
chasing the above still
we have room for another druid, priest and warlock for ranged; death knight, demon hunter and shaman for melee.

melee dps >
* death knight
* demon hunter
* paladin
* shaman

ranged dps >
* druid
* priest
* warlock

healers >
* shaman
recruiting for core positions:

melee dps >
* death knight (high priority)
* demon hunter
* paladin (high priority)
* rogue (high priority)

ranged dps >
* druid
* priest
* warlock (high priority)

healers >
* shaman (very high priority)
still chasing the above, especially death knight, rogue and warlock.
i heard cookie dogged the boys
core spots open for death knight, rogue and warlock
krosus dead!

will be heading to spellblade next, boys.
still searching for a death knight, paladin, rogue and warlock to join the team
now recruiting a tank (monk or warrior) and healers (priest and paladin or shaman)
spellblade dead! still recruiting dps, specifically rogue

botanist will definitely be down next week! 30% on our first night of progression.

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