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when the servers crash on what would have been a botanist kill
botanist dead! now onto tich. searching for second rogue to finalise our core roster.
searching for a high performing hunter to join the team
tich dead on monday night! searching for a rogue (again) and resto shaman, but any solid applicants should apply.
star augur progression is actually fairly fun! come join us - add an officer or feel free to drop in an application: https://goo.gl/forms/1mrB6a2bBD008Lcr1
high priority on rogue and monk! though we're always looking for solid applicants, regardless of class and spec :)
do rogues and ww monks exist?
still have a position open for a rogue and ww monk!
now searching for an exceptional tank of any class
recruiting outstanding dps, preferably a rogue and ww monk!
still searching for the elusive rogue.

also wanting to recruit a ww monk, ret pal, boomie and spriest for nighthold + tomb of sargeras. fantastic dps should apply regardless :)
finally killed star augur
searching for a holy priest to join the core raid team
wanting to recruit a ww monk, ret paladin, boomie, spriest and hpriest for the core raid team! message an officer or submit an app :)
searching for ww monk, boomie and spriest! come join us in tomb of sargeras!
still recruiting the above - ww monk, boomie and spriest, as well as rsham!

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