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Do any of you people buy them? I'm having a hard time selling them, and I'm really trying to undercut other auctions.
There's a fairly good market for them on Tuesday on high population servers. Check for your realm to see which bosses the big guilds are stuck on, and you may have some luck moving with that in mind.

You may see more profit selling raw pigments, otherwise.
They're generally a "We're tired of working on this boss, Vantus up, boys." My guild has used it once, and that was to down N Cenarius. We had no trouble with Heroic Cenarius, though.

Inscription really has only one use now: to make Tomes of the Tranquil Mind. You could probably make more money going over to Alchemy or being a bit more self-sufficient and swap it out for Enchanting. I went over to Herb/Ench when I saw how high flask and enchant prices were and I've since regretfully swapped Herb for Skinning.
My team used it for Krosus cause we kept almost killing him a bunch. So we used the Vantus runes to get him. Listing on Tuesdays or Monday night may be best since the raids will actually be raiding on the weekend for the most part.
My guild only just started using them recently, but we have our own inscriptionists to make them. Mostly we use them on Tichondrius to make our lives easier on heroic. As others have said, tuesday/wednesday listings would be the best time to actually sell them for those guilds that don't have people to make them. I'd make them for the "harder" of the bosses that people tend to hit brick walls on such as Spellblade, Tich, Elisande (for higher difficulties), and Gul'dan.
I'm a scribe, and I've never even used one.

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