Are professions fun?

I've never gotten around to choosing and grinding it out,it seems like tiresome work.
Can it be fun when you get to level 800,or is it mostly done just for gold?
You sometimes just need to understand that some people have just too much free time. .
And some people choose to spend that free time with watching numbers go up, wether it be their skill level or gold.

You get what Im saying here?
Pretty sure Engineering is the only profession with "fun" items (except the jewelcrafting game to my knowledge).

I, however, really enjoy Mining and Blacksmithing. I really enjoy being able to collect the ore, smelting it into bars, and fashioning it into armor or weapons for myself or for others.

If you can find a profession you enjoy, that is good. You can also pick professions for usefulness for your character (alchemy and enchanting are the best for this) or for the amount of gold you can get selling the items (no suggestions from me as I don't play World of the Auction House).
I find them all fun, but I don't have a vision of making tons of gold with them. If I do then that is icing on the cake. It is just another aspect of the game to invest time in and see the skill points creep upward to the cap. TBH in Legion professions seem to be designed as a time sink. I've had better luck selling BoE raid drops, Legion herbs and crafted items from past xpacks. Maybe others have ideas, but that is my experience.
I don't have fun with my b/s and the j/c on my toon is a disaster no wonder many players have quit.
Crafting used to be fun until Legion came along. Now its just painful to try and get to 800. Like getting a root canal... ya need to do it but you don't enjoy it.
nope,professions are pigeon holed so badly this expansion it's face palmed to the point developers should be castrated on the spot.
Pretty sure Engineering is the only profession with "fun" items...

Used to be; but engineering has been mostly trash the last few expansions outside of Blingtron (which is commonly dropped in cities, anyway, so you don't really need your own) and the occasional high-end mount. The other stuff, particularly the stuf in Legion, is useless garbage.

I stick with it because I've had it on this character since TBC. The ports are nice to get around the world but I rarely use anything else.

In general, professions have been fairly boring/unfun since Wrath and not particularly interesting since the days of Vanilla where there was a lot of exploration to be had and it wasn't just a rush to level cap, rush to X ilevel, epics everywhere. There was a variety of items to be made through blacksmithing and such and they were all fairly useful in the early year or so of the game.
NO. Professions have become a staple for providing buffs for dungeons and raids. It's assumed that a raid team will have potions, enchants, gems, buff food, etc. So rather than bake them into the game, Blizzard uses the professions that provide them as a time sink. Additionally, Legion has seen them transformed into a means to drive players into Mythic 5-mans that they would otherwise not bother with on alts and in some cases, on mains, hence increasing the time sink. Many raiders don't even bother with them and instead farm for gold which they use to buy the consumables on the AH. Most recently, Engineering was nerfed into insignificance by prohibiting the use of tinkers in raids. This was one of the few reasons to level Engineering beyond Jeeves for repairs in raid, but Jeeves was made redundant by the plethora of repair mounts added to the game since WotLK. So unless you enjoy playing the AH, no, professions are not fun. Of course this is just my opinion. You asked. I offered.
03/19/2017 03:46 PMPosted by Mystnight
Additionally, Legion has seen them transformed into a means to drive players into Mythic 5-mans that they would otherwise not bother with on alts and in some cases, on mains, hence increasing the time sink.

From my point of view, all that has achieved is that my alts do not get played (has 12 100s coming into Legion, only 6 110s now), and the 110s do nothing much with their professions.

Had 3 alchemists, from back in the day when you had three different specializations - now I only have one, and he only has Felwort and Starlight Rose at rank 3, the rest are at 2. And no rank 3 flasks of any type, despite making hundreds of each, except for the stamina one. I have only one alt that has been working Nomi, and I can count in one hand the number of rank 3 recipes he has been given. No other alts will do them, ever.

All that the developers have achieved with their RNG for everything is make us not do anything - it's just not fun to try and try and not succeed. And I am not going to go to the AH and buy stuff every day. So, are they really trying to get us to play less, or not at all, or was this some...misguided...plan that they cannot find their way out of?
I agree with the sentiment in this thread. I loved the old profession system, from actually needing different ingredients for each recipe, to hunting individual recipes down around the world.
It sucks donkey nads now.
I'm down to TWO recipes left, for rank 3, on Nomi:

Picked Stormray
Faronar Fizz

(so just stormray, and wildfowl eggs to turn in.)

Upon logging in, he had koi-scented stormray for me (rank 3.)

I'd not call it "fun", though. Its more like a chore. The initial stuff might be fun, but then just standing in Dalaran every so often and kissing lots of mats goodbye is not "fun."

I'd call it sadistic, but not really fun.

That is kind of what I get from crafting this expansion; They asked the guy to be really sadistic, so he was.

Cooking is supposed to be one of the "freebies." That is, something anyone can have since its not a main tradeskill. So it should not be so insane.

There really isn't even a reason I want those last two to be rank3. I may never even make them, I just want to complete something so horrible. Doing it before 7.2 would be nice, since it sounds like maybe it will be a LITTLE easier then?
Why are the secondary professions set up the way that they are? (fishing, archeology and cooking) Why can't I replace some of these with a profession that I would rather have? I don't particularly want to fish, do archeology or cook with every toon. Anyone else feel the same?
As an altiholic, I have 12 toon with one of each class. I have each crafting progression covered. My other alts without a crafting proffession and main have mining/ herbing.

Unlike the other xpacs, I'm not max level with most of them. So far, only JC and tailed are maxed. Getting there for these two required the dark moon faire to finished. I plan on finishing the others with the dark moon faire. I have finish the required quest for each profession.

First, I use crafting to support myself. Second, to sell some stuff on the AH to make gold. JC is my biggest gold maker.

To do all this does take time which for some it is not a whole lot of fun.

If you don't have the time, keep it simple and get mining/ herb. Mine/ herb what you find and sell them on the AH for some steady gold.
03/24/2017 08:23 AMPosted by Hydealock
Why are the secondary professions set up the way that they are? (fishing, archeology and cooking) Why can't I replace some of these with a profession that I would rather have? I don't particularly want to fish, do archeology or cook with every toon. Anyone else feel the same?

Because fishing, cooking, and first aid are skills every adventurer should have to survive in the wild. If you can't fish, you are stuck with hunting game. If you can't cook, you will likely starve or get very sick from eating raw food (unless your foraging skills are very good). If you don't know basic first aid, a serious injury will likely leave you stranded in the wild where you will die. It is true that none of those aspects are in the game but as this is an RPG you can operate in that manner.

Pretty sure archaeology was added as another secondary because no one would use it as a primary profession.
Since vanilla I've always been comfortable with the fact that only rarely will a crafted item be useful, but in Legion professions have the added feature of being a ridiculous time sink. There are a lot of things I like about Legion but the profession design in this xpac seems like it was done by the guy with the dental drill in "Marathon Man".
Profs used to be good fun to raise gold and level up. But now they seem a big waste of time. For making gold, with only a couple exceptions, why spend 28k to make a mount that only sells for 29k? Not very profitable imo. With this new expac I intend to start fresh on a lower populated server and only go for the gathering trades to actually make a gold or three with. As for the new Legion profs? They cost too much in gold and time for me to even consider leveling up when you take into consideration that recipes now have ranks.
It depends on the person.

For me, it was VERY fun. And lucrative. Back during when I stilled played, I'd spend literally 5-8 hours a day going across 3 different toons. My mage was my enchanter, my pally was my JS and bs, and my DK was my herbalist and miner. NORMALLY i'd just buy stacks of ore, thousands of stacks each week, and just sit for 2-3 hours grinding down the ore. Then I'd use the gems to make cuts to sell, or if they weren't for cuts i'd make JC stuff with the random stats on them. I'd then either toss all the rings to my mage to DE, or put them on the AH if they were worth 100g or more (which was a decent amount then). Then I'd spend 2-3 hours on my mage getting rid of the hundreds of rings by DEing them, and then the mats I got from those would be turned into scrolls I could then sell. I would make thousands a day doing this, which is nothing now but it was REALLY good money then, when you keep in mind that the most expensive thing to buy at the time was the motorcycle mount at 18-20k. I'd spend 5k on the ore, then turn a profit of 5-8k depending on my luck each day XD

it may sound very dull to a lot of people, but I really enjoyed it because i'd socialize and chat with people from my server and also sell services like cutting or enchanting for people as I did it.
I think the people developing professions are either:

Burnt out and don't give a !@#$


are naive interns

More inclined to think they're burnt out cause interns at least would have creativity

The feel unfinished. Ever since they've adopted a mentality that professions shouldn't be such an important part of the game, they've been about as useful as a tool from harbor freight.

Kind of useful for a little while then it breaks or becomes irrelevant.

There are no real "high level" recipes so basically if you take a profession that makes armor, by the time you reach the level to wear it, you'll kill some random boss and replace it.

So there's really no point in taking a profession besides "I like flying carpets" or "I like that one potion from three expansions ago"

Maybe alchemy with flasks. Gems from JC are not very effective. Enchants are a little more so. Weapon enchants don't exist anymore. Not trying to sound cynical here but these are just the things that were fun that they've take away from us :-/

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