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Dentarg and Whisperwind
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I'm returning from a six month hiatus and looking for a relaxed yet dedicated guild to raid with in BFA. That seems to describe your group.

I enjoy healing, and am most comfortable in that role. I also keep relatively up to date on boomkin.
I'm looking to stay extremely casual until August and spend the summer with my kids. However, I really enjoy the rush of a new expansion and raiding. I would love to get to know the guild before that time rolls around.
My battletag is: skirnix#1517. Hopefully we can talk soon.
Hello all,

My wife & I are currently back from a break and we are looking for a new home / family to grow with. We enjoy raiding and used to be apart of a top ten raiding guild, we took a break to move and also grow our business but now we are back and looking to get into the mix again. My wife and I created new characters on whisperwind and would love to be apart of your guild My BTag is
My Wife is

Look forward in seeing you all online!

The Wonder Warlock
We are still recruiting social members and dungeoners for BfA!
I'm looking for a new home. Mainly to quest and socialize at the moment, and eventually bring my main when the expansion drops.
battletag: cuziwantit#1152
Hi, I'm looking for a new casual/social guild. Been playing on/off the last 4 years since my wife and I had kids. The guild I was in is now inactive. Mostly will be doing questing, dungeons and achievement/mount hunting. My battletag is Firefly#1588
Currently recruiting a warlock and a healer (prefer holy priest, monk, or shaman)
We are now 6/8!
Hi, I'm a holy priest looking for a new home for BFA. I'd love to talk with you about a spot on one of your raid teams.

My battletag is Brayne#1927. Looking forward to speaking with you.
Hello! I recently transferred to the server, and may be a good fit if you're still looking for another warlock.

My battletag is Grolf#1191, and I "may" know that priest up there, Maleath. Unless that hurts my chances.. and then I've never met him.

In any case, I hope to hear from you!
Currently we are not recruiting raiders, but we are always happy to have casual players for dungeons, etc!
We are currently looking to recruit a dependable aoe healer, mage, and DH for raid!
We are looking for a warlock and a DH for raids! Come join our family!
We are still recruiting!
We are still looking for a few more dps and another healer as we continue through heroic. Would prefer a warlock, DH, WW monk, and disc/holy priest, but willing to talk to anyone willing to put in the time and effort to raid with us!
Warlock here. Like the schedule and very experienced. The contacts listed on the OP still valid, and are you still looking for a warlock?
Yes we are! You can message me via my battle tag or my discord is chelusa#2157
11/02/2018 01:26 PMPosted by Namaah
Yes we are! You can message me via my battle tag or my discord is chelusa#2157

Great! I will add you. My btag: Takamura7#1496
We are currently looking for a tank for one of our raid teams!

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