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Hello, my name is Jedager. I go by Jed, J, or even my personal name at times. I 'm currently looking for a progressing raiding guild on horde or alliance no matter the server. I'm currently 3/10 H NH, and looking for more. My most recent raiding guild didn't work out due to the fact of i didn't like the rate at which the guild was progressing and i didn't agree with the leadership. You can contact me through this post.
Hello Jed, we're looking for an exceptional Ele/Resto Shaman. If our raid times work for you, hit me up on Bnet.

Adaptatión on Bleeding Hollow (PvP) is a 7/7M EN - 3/3H ToV - 10/10H NH experienced leadership & core we are comprised of Determined & Driven raiders to push content without the massive time commitment, many of us have been raiding since the early days of Vanilla. We are preparing for Nighthold Mythic as our main goal, we are 18 strong raiders and looking for 5-6 more for an optimal Mythic Raid Core (+3-4 Extra for raid balance/rotation purposes)

At this time we also consider "Package Deals" (If they fit our needs) if they are ALL EXCEPTIONAL raiders.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7-10pm EST (server time).

---Currently Seeking---

The Listing below is not limited to those class/specs only, we have a general idea of the raid composition we want and have room to adjust certain ratios Melee/Ranged


  • Rogue

  • Ranged

  • Shadow Priest
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Hunter
  • Elemental Shaman

  • Healers

  • Rdruid/Rsham or Disc Priest

  • ---What we have to offer---

  • A Serious Raid Team without the massive time commitment of 4+ raids a week, we utilize the raid times to full extent in order to progress quickly.
  • We supply guild repairs for Raiders/Core Raiders (Trials are expected to come prepared for the duration of their Trial period) during progression as well, Flasks, Pots, Personal Foods, Augment Runes.
  • Enchants & Gems, as long as we have the supplies

  • ---What we expect of you---

  • Being On Time for raids (15 min early, logged in and on Discord)
  • Fully prepared for raids (Don't forget grabbing things like your seals or anything else you might require during raid time, watching the next fights in advance to have an idea of encounter mechanics)
  • Knowing your class in and out, being able to maximize your output for each specific encounter (Talent switching) being up to date with class changes and so forth.
  • Excellent raid awareness, being able to watch what is happening around you and what is coming up next to avoid unnecessary damage or loss of damage.
  • Being able to adjust quickly to changed circumstances that may arise during encounters.
  • Team Player, willingness to sub out for certain boss encounters for a better composition.
  • Raiding experience & a Stable Connection

  • For more information, feel free to contact one of us.
    Battle Tags
    Careme <Dcoy#1399>
    Aspendawn <Aspendawn#1674>

    We are <Ascendant> and we want you to come be a part of our community! Our guild is a transfer from Tichondrius consisting of players who've been playing together for an extended period of time (some years!). We came to Mal'Ganis to get a fresh start and create a more progression-oriented group of players to get further and further into Mythic content.

    Our community consists of players who actually play the game. Most of our core raiders have 45+ traits in their weapons and grind Mythic+ constantly. They attend our core raids with a mindset that encourages progression and focuses on getting the job done.

    We raid Tuesday-Thursday from 8PM EST to 11PM EST and have cleared 10/10N, 9/10H Nighthold with our current roster (and some pugs on a Friday). Our previous progression was 3/7M 3/3H.

    We are always looking for competitive DPS and heals to show their stuff as we want to bring the best of the best with us to Mythic progression. Requirements to raid are strict and include high artifact traits (40+) and high item level (890+) for anything above heroic. Mechanics must also be performed correctly for continued attendance.

    We have immediate spots available for:
    High performing ranged and melee DPS
    Restoration Druid
    We are also starting a second raid team with weekend raid times (Saturday & Sunday from 6-10PM server) that will focus more on normal and heroic content to make sure that our group stays relevant on mechanics and that each new raider that has potential has an opportunity to join the core group. And, as always, anyone is welcome to join to be a part of the community to run mythic+ and take part in the other fun events we participate in.

    Anyone interested in raiding should head over to http://www.ascendantguild.us/join-now and fill out the application there. Otherwise, whisper anyone in the guild for an invite and we can speak later.

    If you have additional questions that aren't answered on our FAQ: reach out to me via in-game message or on Battle.net @ ThatGuyBob#1437

    I'm Belazoc (Connor) for the guild Clouded Minds(H) on Ner'Zhul.

    Currently 3/10M, went 7/7M in EN. We raid only twice a week from 8-11 westcoast time, with a third optional day for farm / alts on sundays at the same time.

    We're a pretty chill group that has fun raiding and playing the game while also doing "cutting edge" content. Our aim is to clear mythic before the next raid comes out. We don't particularly care about clearing the raid ASAP, which gives us time to do it right and without all the stress and burnout. We haven't had ANY players burn out this entire raid tier, nor during mythic EN. We have fun when we raid, and we kill new bosses.

    If you'd like to talk, hit me up, OberstJager#2587
    Are you a Loyal, Helpful, Consistent Team player looking for a group of Raiders looking to push content in a stable Encouraging environment of like minded people?
    Can you make Tuesday and Thursday 5:45-9pm PST? If so then <Crypt> might be right for you! We push keystones same time but on monday and we do a alt night same time on wensday to mess around and have a good time. We have a youtube video going over the basics of the guild at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTO-LonmPN8 Add Natti#1181 if you're interested!
    Hey there! My guilds currently trying to get gul'dan on farm and fill in our last spots to begin mythic soon, with some good caster dps! Currently posting this on my phone but when I get home I'll add your bnet and hopefully we can chat!
    Core spots available for exceptional caster DPS. ** There is a two week trial for all new recruits.

    Mage (HIGH)
    Spriest (HIGH)
    Warlock (LOW)
    Elemental Shaman (LOW)

    We are also in need of a third competent hybrid tank, preferably Guardian/Balance but willing to work with others as well!

    EN-Mythic: 4/7
    TOV-Heroic: 3/3
    NH-Normal: 10/10
    NH-Heroic: 10/10

    Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday 9PM-12AM EST

    Server: Turalyon

    Faction: Horde

    Loot: Guild Master Looter/RCLootcouncil

    About Us:
    Created during November 2011, <Divine Carnage> was just a new book, waiting to fill with some of the best stories. Our current story focuses on friendship, fun, and respect while slaying the big bad bosses of Warcraft! Our raiding team is made of experienced players that are able to commit to our fun by showing up on time, taking constructive criticism, and chatting on discord. We are considered semi-hardcore as we have set dates, times, and expectations for raiding but we do not fight for cutting edge progress, we take our time and have fun!

    Interested? Contact us!

    P.S. We will want to speak with recruits through discord!
    Hello Jedager,
    Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A] (Formerly of Arygos)

    4/10M Nighthold - Under 30% on M Bot
    2/3M ToV
    7/7M Emerald Nightmare

    8-11 EST Tues-Thurs.

    Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

    Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ
    Hi there. I sent you a friend request but I thought I'd leave my info here in the meantime. I really look forward to meeting you!

      1/10 M NH
      10/10H NH
      7/7M EN
      3/3 ToV Heroic

    Raid Times:
      A: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST
      B: Tuesday/Monday 8pm - 11pm EST

      Dalaran - PvE (US)

    Loot System:
      Personal Loot with ML and group discussion for tier bosses and notable BIS trinkets.

      Rally is currently recruiting the following:

      Guild wide: Any great people looking for a fun social environment. 1 PvP Lead, 1 Achievement Lead
      Tues/Thurs: 1 Tank, 2 DPS & 1 healer
      Tues/Mon: Ranged DPS. DPS w/ a tank OS, 2 healers

    About Us:
      <Rally> is a guild comprised of people who were formerly hardcore raiders at one time but have since crossed a threshold into adulthood rendering us all unable to put in that amount of time anymore. We are a casual guild but take our progression raiding seriously. We still bring all highest level consumables to every raid, run and review logs, and fully gem, enchant, and optimize gear.

      Our casual raid has less stringent expectations. This is an environment where you are free to come and go as you please (within reason) and be a little more relaxed about your clears. This raid is still led by a raid leader but just moves at a bit of a slower pace than the progression raid by nature of lower ilvls or skill caps than that of the progression team.

      Guild Atmosphere
      We have mostly older people here, averaging about 29 in age. We're still plenty immature at times and we have lots of fun. There's some dry humor, a meme channel in Discord and hidden bot commands to troll each other. We're a family here. We have the annoying uncle who never shuts up until we globally mute him and we have the mom who has to keep the children in line sometimes. We spend the day chatting in Discord chat from our phones or work until people start getting home and logging in. We have people with children and families and share complaints about cranky children and spouses.

      We are looking to recruit people who fit into our group well and get along. We are looking for people who care and want to learn and get better or are already skilled but lack the time to dedicate to hardcore raiding as well. Whether you still want to push progression or just want to raid once a week for fun and minimal pressure, please apply!

      We are a tight knit community of friends with a solid foundation of real life and long term friends having played WoW and other games together for 10+ years. We have a diverse membership with several couples, male and female, and new and experienced players. Our Discord is active during the day while people are at work and we are always spending time online running Mythic+, Nightbane runs, leveling alts, helping each other level and gear, etc.

      Our goal is to recruit and grow with people who fit into our team well. While we won't be actively pushing for sever firsts with all new content, we will strive to see all content while it is relevant and stay "ahead of the curve."

      Disclaimer: We do not tolerate bad behavior, carelessness, excessive tardiness, etc.

    How to Apply:
      Please visit our Discord server at https://discord.gg/ankmdQQ or simply send a message on Battle.net to Avarraela#1295 to chat.
      My Discord username is Ava#5594.
    Hey! We could use an elemental shaman for our progression, send me a message if we're a good fit!

    [H] <Cerulean Core> 7/7M 10/10H 3/10M

    Cerulean Core is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on the Horde side of US-Zul'jin. We have an established group that has done extensive raiding in Wildstar but we've moved to mythic WoW raiding and we need more members. Formed late into Emerald Nightmare, within 9 raid nights we achieved 7/7M, despite having roster issues due to the holidays. We are transitioning to a rotating bench where we have a core of 22-23 people, and 2-3 people sit every night - this allows us to always progress even when people have unexpected emergencies.

    Raid Times

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00pm-1:00am EST


    Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M
    Trial of Valor - 3/3H
    Nighthold - 10/10H 3/10M

    Raid Environment

    We're a laid back group that wants everyone to have fun but we value your time. We ask that everyone prepares for the raid (gems, enchants, consumables, knowing your class and preparing for fights ahead of time) during the week so that scheduled raid nights don't feel like a waste. We will consider all players regardless of spec and ilvl as long as you are a skilled player, friendly person and can make the majority of raids!

    Players skilled in their offspec (tank/healer) are highly desired. Please feel free to apply even if your class isn't listed, we will seriously consider all exceptional players!

    Please contact tangyraptor#1418 or Vaxattack#1829 on Battle.net if interested!
    Bohica is 1/10 Mythic but raiding Late at night. 11:30 pm - 2:00am Server Time

    Drakenhax#1489 if you are keen
    Hello Jed,

    I'm the recruitment officer for <Hounds of Tindalos> on Rexxar/Misha, our progression is 6/10 H NH. I sent you a Bnet friend request because I'd like to chat with you about recruitment and possible transfer. We raid Mon-Weds, 7:30-10:30PM CST.
    Hi there!
    If horde is an option for you Jed and Sun/Mon/Tues 9:30pm to 12am EST could work for you I'd love to chat! I'm looking for an Ele shaman and if you don't mind flex healing when or if needed that's even better! We are a long standing guild (since 2008) very friendly and team oriented. We are currently 9/10H with much more to come. Just lost a few from our core so we are working on building our team back up stronger than ever for mythic progression.

    Please add Nox#1368 if interested for a quick chat
    Best of luck with your search!
    Goal: US 200 or better in Legion or Bust!!!!!!

    <Dark Singularity> is a late night progression oriented guild that is currently pushing Mythic Raids/Dungeons. Our raiders are experienced, some of which raided together back in TBC and Vanilla. If you are looking for a relaxed and positive raid environment with a focus to push high end content then this is the guild for you. We believe that teamwork and proper planning are the keys to success. Do you want to be the missing piece to the puzzle and progress while still having fun? If so, keep reading and see if DS is a fit for you.

    Current Progression:
    Team Dojo: 4/10M NH, 10/10H NH
    Team Infusion: 3/10M 10/10H NH

    Loot System:
    We use the loot system known as EPGP which considers many things including: BIS, Attendance, Upgrade Amount and Loot History.

    Raid Times: For Both Teams
    Tuesday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST)
    Wednesday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST)
    Thursday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST)

    Dark Singularity was formed on the Hyjal server during the Warlords of Draenor expansion. DS has become a successful raiding guild while completing all content in WoD. DS is always open for recruitment, if you would like to check if any positions are available, or would like to submit an application, please visit the application page at http://dark-singularity.shivtr.com/. Or if you want make an alt on Hyjal and /who Dark Singularity to find an officer. We would also suggest you go to our website's front page and read our guild mission statement, guidelines and recruitment post. This will give you a good idea of what DS is all about.

    Contact Us:

    Team Dojo:

    Team Infusion:

    Current need for Team Dojo:
    Holy Paladin
    Sin/Outlaw Rogue
    Fury/Arms Warrior
    Havoc Demon Hunter
    MM/BM Hunter
    Enhancement Shaman
    Shadow Priest

    Current need for Team Infusion:
    Demon Hunter Havoc
    Druid Balance
    Paladin Retribution
    Priest Shadow
    Rogue Any
    Shaman Restoration
    Warrior Arms/Fury

    We do sale runs on off nights (Usually Monday) to help make players and guild bank some gold. We also use this gold for guild repairs. We are on Discord and GroupMe. We use Mumble/Discord as our VoIP. This guild will help you as long as you are willing to help the guild and your fellow players in return.
    Hey Jed,

    Get the Clam is looking for a dps shaman. We are 10/10H looking for the last few to jump back into mythic (we got CE in EN). We are casual core and like to be relaxed and joke around but smarten up and get the job done on a 6 hour per week raid schedule: Wed and Sun 7-10 pst 10-1 est. If this sounds cool let me know Gull#1509 or on discord https://discord.gg/27ZXGey
    You seem to have a number of strong responses, but if you are still weighing options, I'd like you to consider us.

    We are 5/10H, with most of our progress has been slowed due to burn out lately. Our raid leaders are knowledgeable, and open to new ideas. We pug from time to time, and while lately it has been due to holes from a few missing players, we like to keep the pool of strategems and approaches well stirred.

    We have a solid core of experienced, and dedicated players. We aren't edgelords, kids, or HARDDCORE. We are adults, some with families, some that lick windows, and just like chill guys to progress with.
    <Internet Kings>1/10M (Killed 6 new Heroic bosses in the past 2 weeks)Stormrage Alliance (PvE-EST)2 nights/week ▣ Thursday 8:30pm to 11:30pm & Sunday 8 - 11 pm EST ▣ Optional 3rd night farm/alt raid/future sales runs Monday 8:30 -11:30pm ▣ 6 HR Raid Week!Recruiting Healers & DPS to complete our last few members of the 20 man roster.

    Ranged DPS:
    ▣ Balance Druid
    ▣ Hunter
    ▣ Mage
    ▣ Shadow Priest
    ▣ Elemental Shaman
    ▣ Warlock

    Melee DPS:
    ▣ Monk
    ▣ Rogue
    ▣ Warrior
    ▣ Retribution Paladin
    ▣ Frost DK
    ▣ Enhancement Shaman
    ▣ Havoc Demon Hunter

    ▣ Druid
    ▣ Shaman

    About us:

    <Internet Kings> *** 1/10M NH *** is a newly formed Stormrage alliance-based raiding guild. We are a solid, tight knit team of like-minded players, who desire to raid efficiently and enjoyably. Almost the entire guild has raided top-end progression and are recently coming back to WoW for the expansion, Legion.

    We raid two nights a week, Thursday & Sunday. Thursday from 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST & Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST with an Optional 3rd night farm/alt raid Monday 8:30 -11:30pm EST. We are easygoing and laid-back, yet we want to get as much progress and boss kills in as we can in our 6 hours per week. We are all mature, veteran players (many from US top 20 guilds), with more than basic game knowledge, which will attribute to our progression in Legion.

    We are looking for players that can perform at an acceptable level through your damage/healing, raid awareness, and your ability to deal with fight mechanics. Must be able to be dependable, have a working microphone, downloaded and use discord. Female friendly environment with multiple females in the raid group.

    For more information, please contact via bnet:

    Recruitment Officers:
    Fern - Fernleaf#1673
    Mahes - ImmortLRoach#1490
    Archaic - Thrall (Horde)

    Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 8PM-11PM EST

    Progression: 7/7 H EN, 3/3 H ToV, 8/10 H EN

    About the Raid: Our team is currently a small progression raid of good players, hoping to increase our team roster for mythic progression in the future. We encourage everyone to have a good time while also bringing their A-game to the fight. We're here to save the world after all (with bad jokes and tasty cupcakes)!

    Roster Needs: (Applications of any class welcome!)

    Tanks - CLOSED

    Melee DPS - CLOSED (soft -- open to warriors and monks)

    Range DPS - OPEN


    Contact one of our officers for more details!

    Hey man, we are currently looking for players to finish up our roster before we head into Mythic. Seems like you'd be the right fit.

    We're located on Stormreaver-US (horde) and we raid 6 hours a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10pm to 12am CST.

    Forum thread is here if you want more info

    Let me know if you're interested !
    Mass Res Inc is an Alliance Mythic raiding guild on the Icecrown/Malygos server. While we have a focus on Mythic progression, we maintain a standard non-hardcore schedule and a fun social atmosphere. MRI's goal is to have steady progression while still enjoying the game and the company of guild members. Currently 10/10H. Looking to expand our roster for Mythic.

    We're always happy to find dedicated players for our raid roster. If you are interested, please fill out an application on our website. All of the information about our guild is listed on the application in detail.

    Currently, recruitment is open for

    Healer -
    Holy Paladin
    Holy Priest

    DPS -
    Balance Druid

    Demon Hunter
    Windwalker Monk

    Will consider any quality player even if their class/spec is not listed above.

    MRI raids three nights a week.
    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM (US Central).

    Dark Renders Edge is currently looking for more for our mythic roster.

    Fun Facts!
      -Alliance, US Azjol-Nerub
      -Fri/Sat 8:30pm-11:30pm PST
      -Currently 9/10H

    Contact me for for more information (Squishyface#1849) or visit our forum post. :)

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