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Hi Jed,

Something Shiny is a 2 night raid guild on Cenarius. We raid Sat 8-11pm and Mon 7-10pm PST. We are currently 10/10H and about to push mythic progression. We use mumble for voice and RCLootCouncil for loot distribution. We are a pretty laid back group who like to have fun and be silly yet focus when it's time to kill a boss. If our times/days, work for you, please hit me up at btag maliwali#1577 and we can chat more! Thanks for your time and consideration :)
Hey Jed,

We are looking for a DPS for our 2 night per week raiding guild. We raid Tues and Wed 9 pm-12 am eastern. Add me taeyang#1955

guild spam:


About Violated Doughnuts
Violated Doughnuts is one of the prime time teams in Seraph that is composed of top performing players who are dedicated to Mythic raiding. We are always looking to improve and prune as necessary while maintaining a fun but progression focused group. We strive to be a progression raiding team on an 8 hours per week schedule and are seeking like-minded individuals who are prepared to put in the effort for the challenge that is Mythic raiding. If you join our team, you can expect to be held to high standards of performance and accountability.


1/10M Nighthold
6/7M Emerald Nightmare
3/3H Trial of Valor

Raid Times
Saturday/Sunday, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM CST

We will be using Loot Council for the item distribution system.

Recruitment Needs
Seraph has an 18+ age policy due to the maturity of the guild atmosphere. If underaged raiders want to apply, an additional interview may be conducted.

PRIEST (Shadow/Disc/Holy)

Apply at SeraphGuild.com and specify your interest in Violated Doughnuts (Raid 9). Even if your class/spec is not listed, all outstanding applicants will be considered.

Seraph Perks
- Large, active community (12 raiding teams)
- Guildies always looking for M+ groups
- RBGs and PVP teams
- Active Mumble chatting all day
- Guild Activities - Xmog, Legacy, and Achievement runs

Bangkook#11210 - Heal lead/recruitment officer
restodru1d#1598 - Recruitment Officer
CrazzyChris#1695 - Raid Leader
Kill Stuff Hard is a Semi-Hardcore group who are looking for versatile players. We recently got rid of some toxic players and are looking to fill their shoes.

Guild is 1/10M 10/10H 3/3H 7/7M
With Second boss of Nighthold down to 20%.

Raid Days: Tues, Wed, & Mon
Raid Times: 11p-2a ST (Central)

Recruiting for Mythic!

    890+ ilvl
    40+ Weapon Ivl

Looking for:
    Frost Mage
    Frost DK
    Elemental Shaman
    Balance Druid

If you interested please Contact:
Recruiting Officer: Ouroro: Jaebabe#1755
GM: Darkq: CBeck#1660
RL: Madradx: Madradx#1421
HL: Schloop: Zireael#11639
RO: Ouroro: Jaebabe#1755
Hey there Jed,

Contingency Plan is an Alliance guild on Turalyon. We're currently 10/10H and are looking for the last few bodies needed to jump into Mythic content head-on. We raid Saturdays and Sundays 8:30p-11:30p EST. Additionally we like to run Mythic+ (from lower levels for AP/alts to 15s and beyond) and generally have members hanging out in Discord all days of the week even outside of raids or M+.
Our expectations from members are as follows:
-Be prepared
-Be punctual
-Be knowledgeable of your class and motivated to continue to improve
-Be a team player
-Be able to execute well while still coming to raid with a lighthearted attitude

Our current recruiting needs are listed below:
-Ranged DPS (High)
-Melee DPS (Low)
-Healer (Low - Priest/Druid/Shaman/Monk)
-Tank (Closed)

If interested, please reach out to Joms (Jomsy#1899), Giz (Blitz#1385), or Erolith (Zerlure#1410) to set up some time to talk
Nevermind! Rykkar beat me to it!
deleting post.
Hi Jed,

You didn't mention the times you were available, so not sure if you can make these raid times or not, but in case you could:

We raid Tues. and Thurs. from 8:30PM PST to 11PM PST. I can tell you more about the guild if you are interested. Thanks!

We, <Max Threat> of Greymane a Casual-Progression Raiding Guild that has been active since The Burning Crusade expansion. We are currently pushing through Legion content.

Our goal is to maintain a guild of like-minded individuals with a common goal. The ideals they share are teamwork, cooperation and accountability. The goals they share are progressing through the end-game content, hanging out with people they get along with, and having fun.

Any group of people can call themselves a guild. To us, a guild is a collection of people who become your extended family online. For all the time we spend logged into our characters, having a place you can call home in-game is a luxury that many of us desire. This guild will strive to become that home, one where we progress successfully and have fun while doing it.

Raid times
Tuesday & Thursday

PST- 6-9pm
CST- 8-11pm(Server Time)
EST - 9pm-12am

Raid Team Needs/Priority

High: Shammy
Medium: Pally - Druid
Low: None

Tank w/ DPS OS

High: Druid,DK
Medium: Monk-DemonHunter-Pally
Low: None

Ranged DPS

High: Mage-Warlock-Hunter-Shadow Priest-Ele Shaman
Medium: Balance Druid
Low: None

Melee DPS

High: Enhance Shaman-Warrior-Pally
Medium: Monk
Low: Druid-Rogue

All applicants are considered.
Feel free to add me my Btag is onenf1ngon1y #1450

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