Apotheosis is Recruiting for Antorus!

Darrowmere and Windrunner
Raiding since Vanilla, Apotheosis is still one of the top 25 Alliance guilds on Windrunner. We maintain a mature & positive environment and are run democratically. Members have access to our bank, web forums, and Discord. Regularly attending raiders also have additional access to our bank and guild repairs.

Members who wish to raid require current versions of Discord with push-to-talk, DeadlyBossMods, GTFO, and the EPGP Loot system. We raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 7-10pm server.

Looking to maintain class balance by recruiting some active & ready to raid (920+ ilvl gemmed & enchanted appropriately) players. Need DPS - full on healers and tanks. We are always open to applications from outstanding players of any class/spec. Please see Iflana or Myrla in game for more information or direction on applying. We don't do cold invites - you must raid with us first.
Information updated as of JUL20/17.
Information updated as of NOV22/17.
Updated classes and ilvl requirement JAN19/18.
Information still current as of APR17/18. Looking for more DPS!

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