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Guild Recruitment
First off, thank you for taking the time to read this.

EW is made up of ex-hardcore/semi-hardcore raiders that decided to go a little casual now with only 2 nights a week. Just because we only raid 2 night doesn't mean we don't expect to push content in Mythic.

We are actively recruiting more players to round out our roster of ~25 raiders. We are seeking players similar to us that enjoy having a good time during raid while pushing content only 2x a week.

Below is our general spam. Please visit our website for more info. www.endless-waltz.com

EW was founded on Dragonmaw in BC and has existed as a raiding guild ever since. We are a Mythic progression guild that pushes content on a limited raid schedule. We expect the utmost from our raiders both in and outside of raid.

90% of applicants accepted are either still with the guild or have ended their WoW careers with us. We are not looking for a 3-month hire. Hopefully your aim is to find a new permanent home and never have to search again, as that is our goal for every person and raid spot - I really mean it when i say this. The GM has been in the guild for 6 years and we have a number of active members who have been here longer than that. Many of our members have formed long-lasting friendships that extend beyond WoW.

Server: Dragonmaw/Akama/Mugthul (PST)
Raid Times:
Tuesday, Thursday 7:00-10:00 server
Invites start at 6:45 and we pull at 7:00

1/10M NH
10/10H NH
4/7 Mythic EN
7/7 Heroic EN
3/3 Heroic ToV

Holy Pally
Priest (All specs)
Shammy (All specs)
Druid (All but Guardian)
MW Monk

If you are interested please visit our website (listed below) or contact an officer (TwoXKnives#1808, DefconShaz#1727, Brandoni#1939, and akaran#1134) in-game.

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