<Lethal> 2 Night - 10/10M LF Ranged DPS

Guild Recruitment
Lethal is the currently the top 2 night/week raiding guild in the U.S. Our members are not the die hard type who raid 20+ hours a week while racing to kill content, we have no interest in raiding these hours to claim we are the best, instead we enjoy a 8 hour raid week with quality raiding. If progression on a limited schedule is what you seek, this is the place for you.

We're currently looking for a balance druid and any strong DPS players.

We are always looking for excellent players, with a proven track record raiding in a competitive Mythic environment. If that player is you don't hesitate to app regardless of recruitment needs/status; we take all apps into consideration.

10/10M Nighthold (US #1 2 night)(U.S. #41 Overall)

Past achievements
3/3 M ToV - (U.S. #1 for 2 nights/week)(U.S. #85th Overall)
7/7 M Emerald Nightmare (U.S. #1 for 2 nights/week)(U.S. #96th Overall)
13/13 Mythic HFC (U.S. #1 for 2 nights/week)(U.S. #63rd Overall)

Raid Times
Tuesday 7-11 CST
Thursday 7-11 CST

If you're interested or would like to talk more, add one of the following battle tags, or check out our website.


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We're currently looking for a Balance Druid

Balance Druid


03/23/2017 09:06 PMPosted by Amanda
She likes Boomies...
patch day!
lf boom friends!
Good job blizzard on fixing your game. Proud of you
9/10 M!!
Gul'dan is our !@#$%
raid day!
Any boomies want a free guldan kill?
guldaddy dies TODAY!
04/13/2017 01:03 PMPosted by Amanda
guldaddy dies TODAY!

Told you.

US like 40

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