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Guild Recruitment
<Tribe of the Ascended> @ Burning Legion - US

Our Guild:
We are a large, long-standing guild composed of many long-time friends and players. We have a large raiding community filled with people who have raided for multiple expansions and at all difficulty levels. We have run two raid teams since Mists of Pandaria: one that pushes Mythic content and another that aims to clear Heroic. The two teams work together often both inside and outside of raid. For example, Mythic team members often join in on Heroic team runs with their mains and alts, and top performing Heroic team members act as subs for the Mythic team. We run Mythic+ of all levels up to and above 15, all Legion raids, and are generally just a very active and social guild.
We are just a group of people who like to play WoW and have fun doing so. We don’t want to make the game feel like a job or an endless grind, despite what some Legion systems tend to lean to. Our Discord server is constantly active in both text and voice channels. You can count on there being some sort of raid happening nearly every night of the week. If you are looking for a stable guild to enjoy the PvE side of the game at all skill levels, then we are your guild.

Our Mythic team pushes itself to try and achieve Cutting Edge progression in only a 6 hour raid week. However, we understand that raiding is supposed to be fun, and this will always be our primary goal. We just want to go kill hard bosses with our friends, and that's what this team is there for.

  • Tuesday 8pm - 11pm CST (server)
  • Thursday 8pm - 11pm CST
  • Progression:
  • 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare (Cutting Edge)
  • 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor (Cutting Edge)
  • 10/10 Mythic Nighthold (Ahead of the Curve)
  • 7/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras (Ahead of the Curve)
  • 10/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne (Ahead of the Curve)
  • Currently Recruiting:
  • Healer: We'll consider any spec, but Paladin would be ideal.
  • Ranged: Open to all ranged dps specs. Preference to healer offspec.
  • Melee: Open to all classes but Warrior. Preference to healer offspec.
  • What to Expect from Us:
  • Mythic progression for the foreseeable future
  • Experienced leadership
  • A stable and fluid roster
  • Help with consumables
  • Guild repairs
  • What We Expect from You:
  • High attendance, and communication to let us know if you will be unable to make it
  • Knowledge of your class, spec, and fights
  • Flexibility between your specs
  • Adaptability and clear communication during a fight
  • Ability to learn and work together
  • Willingness to work with a roster larger than 20
  • A positive attitude
  • Contact:

    Other Guild Events
  • 8:30am Tuesday: H Antorus clear with pugs
  • 8:00pm Wednesday: H Antorus guild run
  • 8:00pm Saturday: H Antorus alt run
  • 8:00pm Sunday: Fun day for M Gul'dan, achievements, RBGs, etc.
  • Still looking for any and all dps, but particularly melee!
    I need some melee friends, the ranged are starting to take over.
    If you want a stable, fun, and skilled community, come talk to me :)
    Recruitment information opened up for our Heroic team as well!
    Hello I have been away for a couple of months due to life events, im looking to get back into things I cleared 7/7 H EN (ahead of the curve) and 4/7 M EN before i had left. I have an 880 sham, 870 lock, 860 DK, and an 850 hunter.
    Hi! Add my battletag and we can chat! Halosis#1645
    Looking for some fresh new guildees!
    Mythic team now searching for a DK and rogue as well.
    7.2 is out, and we want more raiders!
    M Spellblade fell tonight, and we are still looking for more people for both of our teams!
    Our Heroic team is especially looking for new raiders!
    Heroic team could use a healer or two and nearly any dps spec!
    Heroic team achieved ahead of the curve last night, and even got a mount! Perhaps looking towards a couple of Mythic bosses in the future, but we need more members first!
    M Krosus has been brought down to 15% and is looking to die on Thursday. Rogue or DH definitely needed for the Mythic team while the Heroic team is looking for nearly any interested raider!
    Mythic team brought down Krosus last night and is now 5/10M!

    Heroic team is growing, but could still use some players to maybe look at Mythic content in the future!
    Heroic team is looking to add some more players, particularly dps to their roster. Looking at doing a couple of Mythic bosses as we close out Nighthold or in Tomb! Great learning environment with a good opportunity to move up to the Mythic team.
    We are always looking for more people to add to our community!
    Mythic team brought Botanist down to P3 last night, and we expect to kill him next week. We are now reopening our recruitment for a rogue (preferably) or a Havoc DH.

    Heroic team is always looking for more to add to their group as well.

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