[H] 10/10 H - 2 Nights - STARTING MYTHIC PROG

Btag: Coltcabana#1209
<Vacuity> 4/7 M, 3/3 H, 10/10 H NH, Mon/Wed Night @ 8 PM ST, recruiting strong DPS of any class and role to strengthen up our core 20 man team as we start to progress into deeper Mythic NH. If you're currently looking for a guild, give me a message, almost certain you wont be disappointed in a chat with me!

Hey all, we're currently recruiting any skilled DPS to help bolster our raiding team as we head into Mythic content. We currently have a roster of roughly 22 active raid members and wanting YOU to join us and make the cut for our 20 man team.

45+ Traits and at least an 885 item level is a must! Logs is a definite bonus. We're looking to IMPROVE our current 20 man team, so some experience and willingness/ability to learn goes a long way.

Our guild has a fantastic, progression minded attitude towards raiding. Progressing very swiftly for our 2 Raid Night Schedule of Mondays and Wednesdays at 8 PM Server Time. Our atmosphere and environment has been commented on and praised on numerous occasions by pugs and new members alike, with a majority of our members joining for the atmosphere alone.

With next to constant successful mythic + runs, youll be unlucky to log on and not find a group going on somewhere in the guild. We have set high mythic + runs a few nights a week with capable guild tanks/healers here to help boost your keys and get that elusive 15+. GUARANTEED WEEKLY 15+ RUNS.

For more information on times, raids, what we're looking for and what we can do for you! Message me in game at Bewm-Barthilas, or, preferably; @ Coltcabana#1209

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