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Greetings! Since the forums exist for sharing opinions and thoughts, I thought I’d share mine on legion so far.

First off I must say, arguably the best expansion I’ve played and I’ve played them all. It’s right up there with WoTLK which was my all-time favorite up until this expansion. The “play your way” this expansion embraces is amazing! I love being able to hop into a random bg, than do a world quest, then a dungeon or raid and have a chance of getting something useful from all of them! I don’t feel railed into any one thing which has really given this expansion a level of longevity that the others really didn’t have. More than half a year in and I find myself sinking stupid amounts of time into the game and I love it! So before I list a few things I would love to see continued or buffed a bit I want to say, if nothing changes, this expansion has been an absolute blast to play!

Okay, now to a few things I’d like to see improved a bit. The first, scaling of gear. It seems like around 7.1.5 my main got to a point where the gear I was able to get from world quests, pvp and anything but mythic +’s and heroic raids hasn’t been worth getting.

In other words, I’ve exceeded the “play your way “ benefits of anything but the upper level type content and I don’t like that. I understand that every drop shouldn’t be worth it but the chance for getting something useful for my ilevel 894 is so low that doing anything but mythic +’s or heroic raids just doesn’t “feel” rewarding any more. I have two awesome legendries so even that is n longer an allure. In other words, I really like the “play your way” mentality and I’d like it extended as ilevel go up. It “feels” like I’ve hit a solid upper limit and I’d love to have that lifted.
Next, crafting professions don’t “feel” worth it. Again, I love the “play your way” mentality but the threshold for entry to crafting professions seemed so high that it was just easier and more fun to get gear from just about any other source. So, for me to be interested in professions, either the draw needs to be higher or the difficulty needs to be lower.

As an idea for this, something I liked from WOD was that I could have one item and constantly upgrade it to whatever level of content I was at so that it was always “useful” or something I desired. If that means there is a crafted item limit so that the system isn’t overpowered (you can’t just craft everything to perfection) I’m completely okay with that. Or, just like with everything else in Legion, adding a massive level of RNG so that you have a “chance” to make something useful, would also be an option that I would be in favor of.

Which bring me to the RNGness of legion… I LOVE IT!!! If you can keep the “feeling” of a getting something awesome every once in a while, it makes the game so much more enticing. I don’t’ know exactly where that sweet spot lies (it may be different for people) but at launch it “felt” about right and seems to be “feeling” less right as the patches are coming out if that lends any idea. So, for example, if I can get a useful peace of gear maybe once a week from world quests, I’m in baby! But if I do my emissary quests for an entire 7 day cycle and I don’t get anything useful, it is kind of a bummer.

Now, there is one thing that I would like to see in the next expansion and class order halls have really shown that it’s a possibility. I’d really like guild halls that could be an alternative quest hub. So, like they could have everything an order hall has, just for a guild so they can all congregate at the same place at the same time. It would make them more than a green wall of text when we aren’t in a raid or dungeon together.

And with that, I’m done! The expansion is fantastic and if nothing changes I’m still going to be laying it like it’s going out of style! Much love and big bear hugs from the GreenBear!
Very alt unfriendly, other than that, its all good stuff imo.
The expansion that finally dethroned Wrath. Best the game has ever been.
"The “play your way” this expansion embraces is amazing!"


were it "play your way", I would not have PF, I would not find that I must run dungeons in order to fly, I would not have to down a raid boss in order to fly, I would not have Blizzard choosing with whom I must grind reputation nor deciding how many dailies I must do nor deciding after the greater life span of the game that I must have all quests and exploration done before I could fly.

were it "play your way", I would not find that merely to max a profession I must enter a dungeon for an rng based rank up in a recipe I already trained for, this game ceased being "play your way" during WOD when Blizzard decided how we should play, in what numbers we should play, what content we must do so "play your way" gave way to "play Blizzards way" or take the highway (my choice, 12 days and counting) and that's fine, 12 plus years in Azeroth so not all bad.
When you crossed BC with WOD you'd get Legion.
Fun to play. Mythic plus are a welcome edition. RNG is crippling. Legendary items based on RNG isn't fun. Raids are fun, except for Mythic Nighthold. Titanforged is an interesting system, but I think it undermines the spirit of harder content. We got a remade raid into a dungeon, which was awesome. We are getting more dungeons later in the game.

And 7.2 isn't even the final patch. Already this game has more positives than negatives.
03/20/2017 05:49 PMPosted by Lokubi
The expansion that finally dethroned Wrath. Best the game has ever been.

Way too early to tell. Warlords started off strong, but tapered off (albeit much faster). We still don't know where Legion will end. That said, I think it's a good quality product. It's not without flaws, and some are a bit more staggering than I'd like, but overall it feels like they put effort into it rather than something like Warlords or even Cataclysm.

Let's not count the chickens until they hatch is all I'm saying.
Very interesting responses, I'd like to share some thoughts on them.

Flying: It was bothersome to not have flying until I got the whistle, since than I really haven't noticed it, but than again I do not run on a pvp server so that may make things more nasty.

"play your way": I can't think of any other expansion where there has been so many practical options for gearing up a character. I agree that it can be expanded and I hope it is.

Crafting professions: I don't mind having dungeon or two to run for a recipe as they are a one off kind of thing but as I said above, either the cost in time is too high or the reward is too low as any time I managed to craft a peace of gear I already had gear that way surpassed what I had just made.

Alt unfriendly: If you want to have a bunch of maxed out alts, this expansion is death! But if your happy to have one maxed main and don't stress about absolut maxing the alts, I've had a lot of fun leveling and doing the class missions for several alts. The AP Grind is strong so I'm taking it slow with them but I've also still really enjoyed them as well. I'm normally such an altaholic that I both hate this and kind of love this at the same time. On the one hand, no, I don't have my army of maxed out toons but on the other hand, my one maxed out toon really feels awesome. I guess it's the, if all your toons are special, none of them are? Not sure how to explain it completely.

One thing seems for sure, Blizzard learned from WOD and has put together something pretty fantastic! Much love all <BEAR HUG!>
I love it, except, oddly, for the things you mentioned. I think it's great to have multiple ways to gear up but it's too random - we should still feel like we're earning the gear, not buying lottery tickets.
I log in less and less. Forums are 10x more interesting.
Not a fan of World of Diablo at all. :)
Great features undermined by extreme grinding and luck.

Also the lack of flying is downright ridiculous with how poorly designed the zones are.

If legion had flying, had valor/justice over RNG, and had better zones, it would've been the best expansion.
Overall I think this is easily the best expansion since wrath....

That being said, it's not perfect. There's so much rng it's silly, I'm not a pvper, but apparently that's "broken" if you're serious about it.... for the average Joe though it's great because you can just join and it's an even playing field for all... legendary system is the biggest missed opportunity of all... but that's a whole other thread. I also think the implementation of an artifact weapon was kind of dumb.... there's nothing worse than being in my order hall and seeing the npcs there yell "hail highlord" to 25 other people with the ashbringer as they run by...

Other than that I think this is a stellar xpac.... I sit at my desk at work, and cant wait until i csn get home to play, and that hasnt happened since wrath... the world quests and scaling zones (in legion zones only, don't even try to make old world scale blizz), dungeons, raids, gameplay (for the classes I play, I know some of you aren't as happy) are all very fun. Zones are beautiful, music is great. I feel like I could play all day every day and never really run out of stuff to do...

Legion feels like warcraft for the first time in 6 years....
Nah, I don't like my Hunter being some braindead class where an actual mentally handicapped child could play it. I don't like the endless grind of AP. I don't like that Mythic Dungeons basically make raiding obsolete due to Titanforging. I don't like that I can get legendaries from opening a box I got from doing 3 WQs. I don't like that Mythic raiding has either been too "easy" or ridiculously overtuned.

I don't like that my spellbooks on all of my characters have 3 pages or less. I don't like there being RNG for professions, or obnoxious quest chains *cough Alchemy cough*. I don't like how much of a hassle raid mats are to acquire. I ESPECIALLY don't like what they did to PvP.
It's a solid expansion, but It does have its flaws. The top ones being Legendaries and Class Issues. And really I can forgive the class issues as no matter what expansion of WoW you've played in the past there have been class issues.

Legendaries, though should never have been implemented in the fashion that they have been. The Spec specific legendaries should have been quest based, while the non specific ones could have been RNG based. At least then if the main Legs we wanted were from say a long !@# quest chain (not expansion length but maybe say 3 weeks to a month) then I think the complaints about the system wouldn't be met with near the amount of hostility it has been, mainly cause it would be in players hands on when/if they got their Legendary.

Regardless though I do feel so far I've gotten my money's worth.
mist of pandara greater than both warlords and legion.
03/20/2017 08:08 PMPosted by Felbuster
has more positives than negatives.

Is about the sum of it. I dont like the AP grind, everything being RNG, and the alt unfriendly atmosphere but everything else is actually a lot of fun.
When you crossed BC + WOD with a dash of Diablo 3 you'd get Legion.

A couple of the last few posts brought something to mind that I wanted to ask about. this expansion seem unfriendly to tip top 2% of players and here's what makes me thnk this.

The level playacting for pvp is fantastic for the average player, I've loved it! No steam rolling from gear is maybe the best thing that has been done to pvp for casual players in, well... ever. But I can see that for the tip toppers that it might have removed an element that made it attractive.

Likewise, the new legendary system has been exciting for me and kept me doing some things that I might have lost interest in doing otherwise. The RNGness has kept me headed back for more, but for the tip toppers who are trying to get that perfect build are probably grinding the crap out of things trying to get the best in slot, which would be a slog.

Is it possible Blizzard is trying to use game mechanics to get rid of the "bragging rights" crowd? Just a thought.
03/20/2017 04:20 PMPosted by Greenbear
best expansion I’ve played

We haven't even finished the expansion yet so It's still to early to say "Itz da best xpanshun eva!"

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