Does anyone like bgs anymore?

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Nope , long queue time . no guaranteed reward, fighting against pre-made groups

I make honor faster in Ashran than in BGS. Even warden towers and those FFA pvp zones are better
03/15/2017 05:11 PMPosted by Hazzir
I liked pvp when I could save up points for decent gear in a slot that I wanted and when I had more abilities to counterplay with.

I honestly think this may be a much bigger deal for more people than you realize. Before they decided to make heavy RNG the way of the future, you could lose a Battleground and still leave with a few points that eventually added up to a piece of gear. You won some and you lost some but in the end you were actually able to see and make progress towards specific pieces of gear that you wanted. The team's current erection for RNG based reward systems, along with the pruning, probably hurt PvP far more than they realized.
03/15/2017 05:18 PMPosted by Wariya
pre-made groups
Those always ruined my nights back when I ran BG's. I could tell because it wasn't the usual back and forth it was one team absolutely mopping the floor.
Not anymore. BG's use to be my favourite thing ever, I even leveled a toon from level 20 to 80-90 back in MoP because I loved them so much, they got annoying for me in WoD, but still loved them....

This expansion, I absolutely cannot stand them anymore, when I play on my Feral (druid is my favorite class, while Feral being the only spec I love.) ... It just isn't the same anymore, I get burnt down in less than two seconds, because of how squishy my class is, yet, I have no problems with my Demon Hunter... Which still isn't the same.

It really sucks, not being able to enjoy things, when other people get to enjoy things. Even had one rogue, non-stop wait for me, and 'gank' me, while everyone else was fighting and playing objective, because the rogue knows he can kill me so easily in a stun.

Killed BGs for me.. Just ain't the same anymore (for me, at least.)
03/15/2017 03:51 PMPosted by Greedyhooves
i just feel like the queues are too long and that the rewards just arnt there.

i can do 1-2 games in overwatch by the time the queue even pops for a battleground.

I do love to PvP as a secondary thing to do after PvE. I have so much going on with PvE I just do not have time to PvP.

Rock on!
03/15/2017 04:12 PMPosted by Waraila
I like BGs in general, frustrating as random ones may be at times, however as a feral druid I'm pretty much just a free kill right now in PvP without active support with me. So I don't bother anymore - there's no fun in a bleed kite spec (which is what we're supposed to be) when it's all but impossible to actually kite.

This is how I feel, I use to be able to solo 5 players at once, and I am talking about geared out players, not honor point players. Yet, now I can't kill a single target without them burning me down in seconds, I became so squishy. The whole "bleed and kite" thing doesn't work either, if I kite a warrior now even though their rooted, they just leap, stun and burn me down.. DK.. Just death grips and slows me down, can't shape shift, if I come out of cat form, I'm screwed, so, I get burnt down too... Mages? They just spam roots, can't get out of them, they become untouchable. The whole; "Bleed and run!" Clearly doesn't work, compared to others.

People's feedback when I asked for tips (because I felt my class is incredibly bad); "It's a learn to play issue!" When.. Really it isn't, our class has become squishier than ever, and our talents are talents that use to be our BASELINE abilities, making Feral unable to compete compared to other class, it really. Really sucks, and the whole "bleed and run" doesn't work, because of all the slowdowns, CC, other classes have, making it ridiculous.

I have no trouble killing anyone, or surviving as a DH... Just isn't the same being able to play the class/spec I enjoy anymore.

Really ruined BG's for me, my favourite thing, and it REALLY sucks being burnt down by players who have NO experience in BGS, so I end up thinking; "Am I the bad player?" -- Yet, I then swap to my DH and have no issues. Sucks.

Edit: It's even more annoying not even having a cyclone! Having maim & bash as our stun is ridiculous! I was targetted by a rogue too, who waited for me and stalked me, so he could gank me in the BG, over and over, basically farming me for kills, because I can die in a single stun now, it's BS.
Does anyone like bgs anymore?

Who doesn't like stepping into a BG and mousing over their gear to see their effects greyed out? Who doesn't like seeing their stats normalized so your character plays exactly like everyone else with your spec? I love it when Blizzard flushes my character down the toilet so PvP can be fair.
I still do it because it helps to practice my class, and it's very satisfying to kill a powerful and skilled player.
03/15/2017 04:52 PMPosted by Florence
Part of the reason is there are just too many snares, roots and stuns. The CC is insane. it's not really fun when combat is like you are RP walking with someone unplugging your mouse/keyboard every few seconds.

This has been a complaint since at LEAST Cata, and it has not once let up.
I liked them when there was a reason to do them. That was fun so Blizzard pruned it.
Pvp is pretty much a wash in Legion

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