Horde Weekend Raiding Guild Recruiting DPS

<Deus Nocturnal>

2 Day a week raiding guild who reside on Barthilas Horde,
We Raid during the days on the weekend and have a dedicated Mythic + night on Thursdays for those who can make it, as well as random M+ groups running through out the week.

Currently we are 10/10 Heroic Nighthold, seeking to push into Mythic.
RL is 2/10 Mythic Exp.

Raid times: SAT & SUN 12PM Server Time - We raid for 3-4hours each day depending on progression at the time.
Please ensure you understand the times are 12PM OCE Server Time, before applying.

In need of members who can make our raid times to help push the roster size for Mythic raiding progression in NH and Prepare for TOS in next content patch.

We are Seeking solid and reliable DPS for Raiding and M+
Other roles are welcome to apply and will be considered.
We use Discord voice comms.

Enquiries can go through Plokeclaw/BePrepared, Gluesticky, Gorthus or Kegganaut
you can message any guild member to ask for an officer if those names are not online at the time, or an in game mail directly to Plokeclaw.

(PS) If you cannot make these times regularly, Please don't bother applying, we are not interested in gearing your crappy alts, we are not interested in super casual players who cant commit to the game/raiding, we are not interested in drama, you must want to raid, you can make the times and play the game, otherwise we don't have time for you.


We are still recruiting. 10/10 H now.
Myself and my gf are looking for a weekend raiding guild those times suit us perfectly we have raided solid for 2 years or so but had to give it up due to work ... I'm a 901 fury warrior with 902 prof off spec and aessa is 896

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