Legend weekend raiding 3/10M

Hydraxis and Terenas
Emerald Nightmare (7/7M cutting edge)
Trials of valor (3/3H 1/3M)
Nighthold (10/10H 3/10M)

What are we recruiting?

-Ranged, (any class as long as you can hold numbers)

-Melee, spots will be extremely competitive but is possible for the right player

-Healer, (1 spot) any healer except a resto druid as we have two.

-Tank, any class but... We need a tank that knows the game, plays often and performs on a high level because tanks make or break raid teams.

Raid times!
Tuesday (OPTIONAL RAID) *casual Tuesdays is 10/10 Normal then 7/7M EN)
Friday 6-10 server time (8-12 eastern)
Saturday 6-10 server time (8-12 eastern)

People to talk to if your interested
- Hyperiax (raid leader)
- Holyvengance (officer)
- Exile (GM) Also Btag Exile#1574

If you do not see us on but really want to get something in there feel free to drop an APP @ Teamlegendgaming.enjin.com and we will try and get in contact with you ASAP.

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