Weekly chest ilvl change?

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So I completed a mythic +12 this monday within timer :D When I finished the instance I received an i870 Pauldrons of the All-Father.

Today, on my class hall chest, I received a mythic +12 titanforged ring with i885, and I believe something is off, because a few weeks ago I looted a mythic +9 i895 titanforged helm.

I opened a ticket and they told me its working as intented:
Hey Cristian,

Game Master Syneithyn here and I'm going to be looking into your concerns today, and I do appreciate your patience in waiting to hear back. I understand you have some concerns about the item level of the gear you got from the weekly class hall chest.

The grand challengers chest will drop an ilevel 870 piece if you completed a Mythic+12 instance. When this items is created it has a chance to be Titanforged and level up to 885, which you have recieved.

This is working as intended, but if you feel strongly about this decision I would encourage you to reach out to the community forums to see what other players have recieved: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/

Hopefully I could shed some more light on this working correctly, but please let us know if we can help clarify anything at all. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful week ahead of you. :)

So here I am, posting on the forums as I was asked to. Now tell me:

Has the weekly chest been ninja-nerfed? Could you people with a +12 weekly chest tell me what ilvl you received?

Thank you in advance :)

This shows 885

I hate the chests btw. Garbage rewards in my opinion.

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