[A]<Apathetic> LF Ranged DPS/Heals

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
We're a raiding guild, formed in BC, with a casual two night schedule and a serious, down to business attitude towards raiding. We are generally working adults that want to experience end-game content at a pace that allows us to deal with jobs, family and friends in the non-WoW world.

Raid times: Mon/Weds 7-9st.

We are seeking a ranged DPS. The ability to off-spec heal is a bonus, but not needed.

For more info, please contact Maxan, Valanon, Persayis, MsMaho, Charferadd or any of the guild members.

We have been having a blast together since 2007, come join us!

Looking for ranged DPS or DPS/Off tank hybrid. We have had a blast clearing normals and heroics this x-pac. Come join us!
Raiding time is 5-7 pacific time (realm time).

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