<Frostwolves> SG-Horde 1/10M Casual Guild


<Frostwolves> is a 7/7M 3/3H, 10/10H, 1/10M fun and casual guild that raids 3 days a week. We are primarily a Singaporean guild, but also with many raiders from other countries such as Thailand, Australia and even Brazil. Occasionally, we may even organize guild outings IRL (for SG) just to hang out.

We're currently seeking players to expand our roster for mythic progression raiding.
We have currently 10/10H on farm,
However, in order to improve progression, do expect that Wednesday and Thursday will be changed to Progression night, while Sunday will be a farm night where we carry our casual raiders for farm contents.

All casuals are welcomed too, if you stick around enough we'll probably carry you for farm nights too!

Raid Times:
Wednesday - 11.55pm SVT - 3am SVT (8.55pm GMT+8 - 12am GMT+8)
Thursday - 11.55pm SVT - 3am SVT (8.55pm GMT+8 - 12am GMT+8)
Sunday - 11.55pm SVT - 3am SVT (8.55pm GMT+8 - 12am GMT+8)

What we need from you
1) Attendance (Or at least let us know when you can't turn up. We're mostly working adults after all)
2) Be prepared. (Flasks/Food/Gems/Enchants, watching videos for progression fights and learning before we attempt)
3) Knowledge of your own class. (We do not need you to be the top 95 percentile of ur iLvl bracket, but we don't expect you to be at the bottom 40 percentile too)

What you need to know
1) You might be benched. (Due to attendance/raid composition/skill-wise)
2) You MAY be yelled at during progression raids.
3) You will be trialed.

Open Positions
Top Priority
Holy Paladin - Preferably with DPS OS
Any Range DPS

Mid Priority
Any other exceptional DPS Players

Low Priority
Any other casuals that just wants a guild to chat and have fun with. (You may of course join us for farm nights when we deem you fit enough =P)

Officers to contact:
1) Head over to Barthilas-Horde, and /who Frostwolves. Get the guy to refer you to an Officer (:
2) Drop a mail to Soliinari/Meccamaster stating ur Bnet tag. They'll add you from there.
3) Officers and their alts are listed as Rank 3 here, PM any of them for an invite: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/barthilas/Frostwolves/roster?sort=rank&dir=a

Up for more. Need a tank with dps off spec as well.

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