[H] Efficacy 9pm-12ST

Efficacy is a newly formed, East Coast based raiding guild looking to recruit players to finalise our core team. Guild leadership has a raiding history stretching back throughout the game's history, with plenty of raiding and raid leading experience at mythic levels. We are looking for players with the drive and knowledge of their classes and the ambition to do what it takes to progress consistently. If you believe this is you, then we want you.

-Being able to commit to near 100% raid attendance until each night is called.

-Being able to at least log into our Discord to access resources and listen to direction.

-Willing to learn and take criticism.

-Engage with the guild community well and be a positive addition to it.

Raid times:
Current raid times are:
Wed/Thurs/Mon 9pm-11 Server Time – This will change to 9pm-12 during mythic progression, once the core is finalised.

Progression: Unfortunately, due to roster instability, currently we are sitting at 7/9H for Tomb following some key members deciding to take their leave. Efficacy will continue to push for the Heroic KJ kill up until the release of the new tier, which we will hopefully find more success in.

Currently we are still in need of dedicated DPSers - At this point we have positions available for sPriests/Mage/Rogues/Drood in particular - preference given to DPS with strong Heal OS.

Also looking to recruit one Mainspec Tank - preference for Druid/Brew/DH but other applicants welcome.

Exceptional applicants of any class/role are always welcome and encouraged. For more information on openings and the guild itself, contact Ghoul#12350.

**Note: the classes explicitly listed are those that would be considered ideal; but we are open to applicants of any class with the right player behind it**
Recruitment and raid schedule updated. Still in need of DPS.
Openings updated.
Openings updated. Still after more DPS.
Tomb vacancies updated.
Progression and vacancies updated

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