[H]1/10M LF DPS to push mythicsLateNight

Guild Recruitment
Horde 1/10M looking for more to do mythics
late night casual guild, Shandris Server
2 Raid nights, Tues-Wed 10:30PM-1:30AM EST, optional sunday
LF any DPS, high need for Warlock, DK, Rogue, DPS/heal switch hitter
We use mumble

About Us
Blackmoon Clan is a casual raiding guild on the Shandris server. We are pretty laid back, yet focused on downing as much content as we can get through. We keep the atmosphere as light as we can while trying to not lose focus on progression. Please, be able to handle being teased as well as adult language.

Our raiding schedule is Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:30PM-1:30AM EST with an optional farm/alt/finish clearing raid on Sunday. Due to the high material cost of flasks and potions this expansion it is expected for you to bring what you need. We have alchemists and provide feasts. High attendance is strongly encouraged, but we will not fault you (or others) for being 10-15min late, especially with prior notification. Scheduled raid time is in 3 hour blocks with a 15 minute break in between. We ask that you are accessible during raid time even if you are asked to sit, or want to sit out, for certain bosses in case we need to bring you for DCs/raid makeup/loot/ect. Please do not be discouraged if asked to sit out for mythic bosses due to the 20 player cap. We will cycle people in and out as much as we can for kills/gear when possible. Lastly, we do use mumble and it is a requirement.

Current Needs
We try to keep a small functional roster which has lead to log in issues due to life for some of our core raiders. Currently we have a high need for any DPS, specifically, DK, a rogue, and warlock. We are also looking for a hybrid DPS player that is able to heal effectively when needed. Logs aren't a requirement but will likely work to your benefit if provided. Our recruitment need is to get to the magic number of 20 raiders consistently to start pushing into Mythic raids ASAP so an artifact at least in the mid 40s is required. We can help gear you, but we can't farm AP for you.

Feel free to post here if you are interested. I will try to check this post daily. You may also reach me via in game mail. Feel free to send in game mail to our illustrious GM Brunco as well, or message any officer in game. Officers are rank 2 on the roster list.
Guild Roster
We also try to get anyone who is interested a +15 mythic chest each week.
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